Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Require Greater Auto Glass Standards

Phoenix auto glass Advanced driver assistance systems, or ADAS, are being installed in several of the new car models. This advancement in one area of automobiles is requiring that other advancements have to be made to accommodate this technology. Since most ADAS cameras are placed behind the windshield the quality of auto-glass, and the installation of it, needs advancement as well.

Glass standards for OE windshields are fairly strict with little variance. Aftermarket auto-glass does not have the same rigorous standards. This variation can effect clarity. Diminished clarity effects the light detection and ranging system (LIDAR) for ADAS. The LIDAR system must be calibrated to the clarity specifications of the windshield. Standard clarity regulations would allow ADAS to be utilized in vehicles without concern that the LIDAR is properly calibrated. The margin of error in calibration is a risk that could be avoided with higher quality auto glass that has standardized clarity and light specifications.

Installations methods are also in need of improvement to ensure this highly sensitive systems are installed correctly. Windshields equipped with LIDAR, that need replacing, cannot be replaced quickly. It takes considerable time to verify the angle of the windshield installation. The LIDAR system will not function correctly if the angle of the windshield is not at the exact angle specified as being required for that make, year, and model of vehicle.

Safety systems are a terrific advancement in the auto industry. Unfortunately, it requires advancements in other areas of the auto industry as well. Failure to do so will result in unnecessary accidents.

Get Your Windshield Fixed In Tolleson Arizona-Glas Tek

If you’re in the Tolleson area and you need glass or windshield repair or replacement, then look no further than Glas Tek for your Tolleson auto glass and Tolleson windshield replacement needs. You can get a quick quote online, without even leaving your chair. They cover all major insurance carriers so there’s never been an easier way to deal with that crack or that major repair.

Did you know that driving with a cracked windshield is a ticketable offense in Arizona? In addition to that, you’re putting your life and the lives of your passengers at stake by subjecting them to what could be a fatal blow if you’re driving with a cracked windshield and do so much as hit a bad pothole, you could do serious damage to everyone in the vehicle.

Give the Glas Tek pros a call today and get peace of mind. Safety comes first, and with the pros at Glas Tek you can be assured that you’ll get the best service available and will work with expert staff who can navigate their way quickly through insurance claims and get you fixed up in short order. In fact, most insurance policies cover windshield cracks and damage and the pros at Glas Tek can most likely get yours fixed for no cost to you whatsoever. Don’t take chances you don’t need to take. Instead, get on the phone or get online and visit and get yourself protected from the elements as well as covered from potential harm.

Choose Glas Tek For All Your Scottsdale Windshield Replacement And Repairs

Glas Tek is a trusted Scottsdale windshield replacement and repair automobile company that has been in business for many years. Providing both emergency and normal repair services, Glas Tek boasts of absolutely free rock chip windshield repairs and repairs that come with a lifetime warranty. The company is widely accepted by all major insurance companies in Scottsdale, Arizona, because of its reliable services and its ability to honour contractual obligations as entered with insurance companies. With Glas Tek, your windshield claim has been made easy. The experts will guide you appropriately so can know what to expect when you are given a call about the claim. What’s more, you can make your claim online at the comfort of your seat.

As a company that has been established on the foundations of trust, Glas Tek boasts of world class customer service and value for money. The company retains the best technicians in the industry, which means you can expect nothing less than unrivaled quality windshield repair services. Whether you have an economy, small, large, heavy-duty or light duty, old or new, Glas Tek has a solution for everyone and every vehicle model or make. Sometimes you may be overwhelmed by busy schedules or simply want your vehicle repaired onsite—Glas Tek technician can come up to your office or home to repair your glass. The reason we provide mobile glass repair in Scottsdale, Arizona is because we understand that even the smallest crack or chip in your windshield is something that requires immediate action.

With a clear understanding that your windshield accounts for 30 percent of the structural integrity of your car, we have taken the initiative to provide the best service to give your car the most desired look. Remember that a broken or cracked windshield can be dangerous since it can impair your visibility. Therefore, it is not only a structural concern but also a safety concern.

Here at Glas Tek, we are the best Scottsdale auto glass repair company that is passionate about cars, so we are always committed to ensuring that we give your car the best care possible.
Schedule for a call to discuss the best solution to your windshield problem today. You can reach us through one of our agents on 480-219-8859 or visit our website at to learn more about our Scottsdale windshield replacement and how we can help give your car the best look and make it safer for you. Remember all our services are insurance approved so it won’t cost you a cent!

Glas Tek Phoenix Windshield Replacement: Premium Service At Reasonable Rates

As far back to my childhood as I can remember, Glas Tek has always been associated with glass. But as the years went by and I bought my first car, it became synonymous with durability, efficiency, trustworthiness and overall integrity. When it comes to Phoenix windshield replacement and auto glass repair, Glas Tek -together with its many affiliates- is to vehicle owners exactly what Hercules was to the Greeks. As an employee there -which I consider fate, taking into account my latter obsession with auto glass repair- I can attest to the fact that Glas Tek is a solid brand with a solid reputation.

Enhanced Visibility And Safety

Most of us make the unfortunate mistake of considering a windshield as just a sheet of glass meant to separate us from the outside elements. But when an accident does occur, a cracked windshield can break completely and place you at risk of serious bodily harm. So attention must be given to it just as you would the engine. More so, cracks and rock chips can compromise visibility at a crucial time -like the deflection of light from oncoming traffic- further endangering the lives of passengers. At Glas Tek, windshield safety is a primary concern as we don’t just see a vehicle as a means of transport.

Fast, Reasonable and Efficient

Getting your windshield fixed in a timely matter is important to our experienced Glas Tek technicians. Simply get your quote online and proceed to visit our workshop for the service. As for the processing of the corresponding insurance claim, we are approved and certified by a number of insurance companies, so very rarely do we turn away clients. It doesn’t end there, however.

We have an incentive system for our clients whereby you get $50 cash for filing your insurance claim with Glas Tek. We also have a flexible claim policy whereby our insurers offer no-fault insurance, so expect our already fair market prices to create a buffer against the possibility of rising premiums.

Mercury Windshield Replacement and Auto Glass Repair Claims

Mercury auto glass repairAs a leader in the auto glass sector, Glas Tek is the go-to shop for countless car owners in Phoenix. We are also a preferred service provider of top insurance companies such as Mercury. If you need Mercury windshield replacement, then do not hesitate to give us a call.

Mercury Auto Glass Claims

Mercury will guarantee all of Glas Tek’s work. They will also pay for everything so you don’t have to pay anything just to get the repair or replacement done. Simply file a claim by contacting Mercury and telling them about the incident. Glas Tek can connect you with them and guide you through a conference call.

Mercury Windshield Chip Repairs

Those with comprehensive insurance policies can have their deductible waived for windshield chip repairs. You will not have to take out cash just to fix small chips on the glass. You also won’t have to worry about premium raises thanks to Arizona state law. Note that this is a structural fix but not necessarily a cosmetic one. The blemish will still be visible. If you want a fresh start, then ask for a windshield replacement.

Mercury Windshield Replacement Claim Questions

Their company representative will ask about the vehicle including its make, model, year, and relevant repairs. Provide details about the incident that led to the damage including the date, place, and cause. Give your policy number for verification. Mention documentary evidence to support the claim like police reports. Once they are satisfied with the information, they will give the green light to proceed with the work.

Glas Tek will perform the repair or replacement as soon as possible. It won’t take that much time once things get going. Study your options carefully so that you can make the right decisions. If you have any questions, Glas Tek will be more than happy to answer them and extend any other form of assistance.

Trust Liberty Mutual Windshield Replacement-Glas Tek

Liberty mutual auto glass repairLiberty Mutual windshield replacement and auto glass repair company promotes and supports the services of Glas Tek. In fact, they are the preferred choice for windshield replacement and repair issues in the Phoenix, AZ area. Clients will be pleased to know that all work that is done by Glas Tek is 100 % backed by Liberty Mutual. Basically, what this means for you is that you will never have to pay out-of-pocket expenses for any insurance claim. In fact, you will receive a $50 cash back bonus when you make a claim for a zero deductible windshield replacement, under the Phoenix Liberty Program.

The Claim Process

The claim process is simplified and excellent customer service makes the process easy and fast. These professionals are also good at what they do ensuring that there are no mistakes on the paperwork which will cause unnecessary delays. Glas Tek operators are friendly and efficient. They will answer your questions to the best of their ability and then transfer you to a Claims Representative for more detailed information. You will then answer a few questions to get the claims process started.

Why Choose Liberty Mutual?

This company has a variety of policies from which to choose. With a series of options available, clients are bound to find an insurance policy that suits their needs and their pocket. They are also one of the only companies that offer 12-month policies, which allows you the freedom of chopping and changing after this period has expired. The company combines its efforts with the excellent workmanship of Glas Tek to provide an unforgettable experience. So the next time you have a windshield or chip replacement, contact Liberty Mutual auto glass insurers to handle it for you. They promise to offer fast, reliable and efficient service as often as you may need it.

Glas Tek Is Infinity Preferred Windshield Replacement Service Provider

Infinity auto glass replacementInfinity Insurance customers not only get Glas Tek’s nationwide warranty on all Infinity windshield replacement work, but they also get Infinity’s own separate lifetime guarantee. The reason why there are two guarantees is because of Glas Tek’s selection as one of Infinity’s “Preferred” auto glass shops. Not everybody gets onto the Preferred list.

The only way that Glas Tek makes it onto that list and stays there is to work with Infinity on a whole range of issues– including quality of glass used, how the product gets installed in the vehicle and, above all, pricing, In short, Infinity pre-negotiates the best possible price for the highest quality materials and workmanship. Only then does an auto glass provider get to claim the coveted Preferred shop designation.

In practical terms, this means that there is a lot less administrative maneuvering necessary to get your Infinity claim handled by Glas Tek. The terms have already been agreed upon– and the underlying fact of those terms is that an Infinity customer will never pay a single penny out-of-pocket at Glas Tek. Couple that with the double lifetime guarantee from both Infinity and Glas Tek and the Infinity windshield replacement process becomes a quick, safe, and no-cost proposition.

Better still, this Preferred shop partnership means that the only major effort you have to carry out in this transaction is to call Infinity to report the claim, and this can be done right from the Glas Tek shop. We can help you in fully understanding the Infinity auto glass claims process and be on conference call with you in order to assist you in getting your claim filed and approved promptly. In most cases, the claim is approved and an authorization for work to proceed comes at the same time. This means that you can hang up the phone and watch Glas Tek get right to work. Instead of taking days, Glas Tek helps you distill the paperwork delay factor down to a matter of minutes and gets you back on the road in the shortest time possible.

Windshield Replacement And Auto Glass Repair Information

Insurance Auto Glass Questions & AnswersPrior to contacting Windshields of Arizona, am I required to get in touch with my insurance agent or company?

Fortunately, you do not have to contact your insurance company prior to obtaining our assistance. We can help you with verifying your level of coverage, filing a claim and with one call, we can schedule your free windshield replacement mobile appointment.

What is a glass waiver or glass endorsement?

According to Arizona State law, when an insurance company sells a comprehensive policy, a separate glass waiver or glass endorsement must be offered at a premium regulated by Arizona’s Department of Insurance. This means that regardless of your overall deductible, your glass replacement deductible may be zero.

What is no fault coverage for windshield replacement?

Arizona law states that insurance companies are prohibited from raising your premiums for claims that occurred due to no fault of your own, including glass replacement. For this reason, if you did nothing to cause the damage, your rates cannot increase for filing a claim.

How can I determine if my insurance coverage is comprehensive?

You must check your own automobile insurance policy for detailed coverage information, but if you are still making payments on your car or it is leased, it is highly likely that you have full coverage.

What do I do if I am unsure whether I have full coverage or must pay a deductible?

We can assist you with this issue. Simply get in touch with us and we will help you to file your claim. You can also contact your insurance company to determine whether or not you have full coverage or must pay a deductible. If you discover you do not have glass coverage, check to see how much your company charges and consider adding it to your policy for the future.

If I have a broken windshield, but do not have glass coverage, can I simply add this benefit to my policy, wait several months and replace the windshield?

Although people have tried this tactic and some have probably been successful, it is not legal or ethical. Additionally, certain insurance agencies that require a photo of your windshield prior to adding the additional coverage to your policy.

Do insurance companies repair windshield chips at no cost?

The majority of agencies are quicker to waive the deductible and repair the glass instead of having it replaced, since repairing a chip costs significantly less money then replacing the entire windshield. For this reason, if your policy is comprehensive, the entire repair will likely be covered. Currently, State Farm is the only insurance agency requiring a glass endorsement or a glass waiver on your policy simply to cover a windshield chip repair.

Will my rates go up if I file a windshield replacement claim?

Your rates will not increase. Arizona State law includes the aforementioned “no-fault claim” for replacing the windshield, and therefore if the damages were caused by a natural disaster, extreme temperatures, vandalism, flying objects or other incidents, a claim will not lead to higher insurance premiums.

Will my insurance company approve Windshields of Arizona?

Yes. Windshields of Arizona will be approved by your insurance company because they are currently a preferred member for numerous major insurance agencies. These include Esurance, Allstate, MetLife, AIG, Capital Nationwide, Progressive, Liberty Mutual, American Express, Costco, Encompass, Travelers, AAA, Hartford, USAA, Farmers, Geico, and American Family. In addition, Windshields of Arizona is a preferred member of LYNX Service and Safelite Solutions, which are third-party administrators for numerous insurance agencies.

Is it difficult to file a windshield replacement insurance claim?

Fortunately, in the majority of instances a claim can be filed in less than 15 minutes. File your claim online or call our local shop directly and we will take care of the rest.

Does Windshields of Arizona provide discounts for auto windshield replacement claims?

Yes. We have a special called “$50 Fast Cash” that we provide with any windshield insurance claim. If you have a comprehensive policy including full glass coverage, as most Arizona policyholders do, we will deliver $50 cash to you when you come for service or when we come to you. As soon as the job is complete, you receive the cash with no waiting period. In addition, you need not have any worries that we up–charge your insurance carrier for the $50 cash back program, as this promotion does not affect your insurance company.

Will my insurance company cover the cost of original equipment factory glass–OEM?

In some cases, OEM glass for automobiles is covered for cars that are current, with a plus or minus of two years. However, if your insurance company does not cover OEM glass, Scottsdale Windshield Replacement will explain your other options.

How can I find out which manufacturer made my windshield?

According to FMVSS, all windshields made and sold in America must contain manufacturing plant details, as well as a DOT code. This DOT code is often referred to as a windshield “bug” and is generally located at the bottom of the windshield. To discover who manufactured your particular windshield, write down the DOT code and enter it in the glassBYTES/AGRR database.

My insurance agent told me I can use any member of Safelite Solutions or LYNX Services for my repair.

That is great news. Windshields of Arizona is a member of both.

Can I choose any shop for the repair?

Yes. According to Arizona State law, you can select any shop for windshield repair. In fact, if your insurance company or agent refers you to their choice of glass shops, they are obligated to tell you that you can refuse that shop and choose your own.

What should I do if my insurance agent or company promotes their “preferred” windshield replacement company?

Always remember you have the legal right to pick your own windshield replacement and repair shop. In some cases, insurance companies tout one repair shop over the next because they are financially affiliated. The latter simply means they receive discounts, kickbacks and other benefits, none of which benefit you as the customer. Windshields of Arizona has competitive pricing and is accepted by all insurance companies, so we are very similar to your insurance company’s “preferred” repair shops, except that you get the perks rather than your insurance company.

Will asking about my deductible or making inquiries about a windshield replacement cause my rates to go up?

No. Directing questions to your insurance provider concerning your policy is not considered the same as filing a claim. Additionally, your insurance company is prohibited from raising your premiums for filing a no-fault windshield replacement claim.

What if I have liability only insurance coverage?

Coverage referred to as “liability only” covers damage to other cars. Therefore, auto glass repair is not covered under such a policy. Nevertheless, Windshields of Arizona has highly competitive prices, and accepts all payment methods, such as cash, debit cards and major credit cards.

If I opt for windshield repair instead of replacement, is my insurance company likely to waive the deductible?

In most cases, insurance companies will waive glass repair deductibles. This means if your comprehensive deductible on auto glass repair is between $50 and $1000, your insurance provider will likely cover the entire cost. However, State Farm only covers repairs if your policy features a glass endorsement benefit.

What if my deductible is high?

If your deductible is over $250, it would be better for you to pay out-of-pocket instead of handling it through your insurance company, as the auto glass repair cost will probably be less than $250.

It is helpful to know, however, that Arizona policyholders must be offered a full glass coverage option with no deductible. This means in Arizona you have the option of purchasing glass coverage with no deductible for a very small premium, which is usually under $15 per month.

What type of glass do insurance companies cover under comprehensive policies?

Most companies cover all glass, such as back glass, quarter glass, vent glass, rear glass and windshields. Some even cover mirrors under comprehensive policies.

Can my insurance company insist on windshield repair rather than replacement?

No. Insurance agencies typically prefer windshield repairs rather than replacement, as it saves time, money and keeps the original factory seal in place. However, if replacement is necessary, the insurance company cannot insist that you merely get the glass repaired.

My windshield is tinted, will be replaced?

Yes. Insurance companies will cover the cost of having the aftermarket tint reapplied to your windshield and we work with that type of glass, as well.

Prior to installation, will my insurance company inspect the damage?

In some cases, pre-inspection of windshields is completed before windshield replacement authorization is given to the repair shop. Insurance companies who engage in this practice include Geico, USAA, and American Family. Once verified, the company will authorize a shop to perform the repairs. In some cases, this can delay your auto glass replacement for a few days or weeks.

What questions will my insurance agent ask when I file a windshield replacement claim?

Your identity will be verified, the agent will gather claim information, look up your policy and authorize the glass shop of your choice to do the work.

What about my deductible?

The first thing you must do is verify that your insurance agent is not confusing your comprehensive insurance policy with your glass coverage. With Arizona comprehensive insurance coverage, your general collision deductible can be $250, but your glass deductible endorsement, zero. In some cases, insurance representatives give misinformation because they look at the wrong part of the policy. Therefore, when inquiring about auto glass repair coverage, make sure you ask the insurance agent to look specifically for any glass endorsement on the policy. Alternatively, you can give Scottsdale Windshield Replacement a call and we will assist you with this task.

Finally, if your deductible is $50 or less, we are pleased to waive it for you, but we cannot honor any other auto glass repair promotions or specials in conjunction with this discount.

Allied Approved Windshield Replacement And Auto Glass

Aliied auto glass repairDon’t worry about damage as Glas Tek can provide Allied windshield replacement in a snap. The company is one of the accredited auto glass shops which means all services are guaranteed and no additional fees are necessary. Those who have full glass coverage may even qualify for a $50 cash rebate.

A broken windshield should not be ignored as it makes driving a dangerous task. Motorist must have a clear view of the road to react quickly to whatever is in front of them. If it was damaged due to an accident, then contact Allied auto glass insurance to file a claim.

How to File an Allied Windshield Replacement Claim

Glas Tek can help by setting up a conference call with Allied. The whole process should take around 15 minutes and may be recorded for quality purposes. The representative will ask a number of questions to verify your identity and check your records.

Tell them about the incident that led to the damage including the date of occurrence, how it happened, and how bad the cracks are. They will also need to get the details of your car such as the make, model, and year of manufacture. Any supporting documents such as police reports will help to expedite the process.

They will then verify if your chosen auto glass shop is among those on the list of trusted partners. Glas Tek is definitely an Allied auto glass service provider so you cannot go wrong. The repair or replacement can commence as soon as the approval is given.

Allied Auto Glass Chip Repairs and Replacement

Repair may suffice for small chips and cracks. The structure will be strengthened to prevent the damage from spreading, but it may not hide the blemishes. Large breaks are usually dealt with by replacing the entire windshield for a fresh start.

Safeco Customers Should Choose Glas Tek for Windshield Replacement

Safeco auto glass replacement Safeco customers in Arizona can take advantage of Glas Tek’s position as a Safeco preferred windshield replacement and auto glass repair provider. What this means to the Safeco customer who has a windshield damage claim that necessitates either replacement or repair is that they can handle the entire process right from our office.

There is no need to worry about finding a shop that can do the job for what the insurance company is willing to pay. Safeco and Glas Tek have already reached a fixed contractual understanding, which means that no Safeco auto glass customer will ever need to worry about out-of-pocket costs for either replacement or repair.

Not only do Safeco windshield replacement customers get an excellent job that is backed up by Safeco’s own guarantee as well as the one provided by Glas Tek, but they also receive an additional $50.00 in cash paid directly to them by Glas Tek.

The easiest way to get this process started is to call Glas Tek directly. They can answer all of your questions about the process of making a windshield repair or replacement claim. After that, a conference call is set up between you, Glas Tek, and the Safeco designated service provider SGC (who handles all windshield and auto glass matters for Safeco).

Because SGC is a subsidiary of Safelite Auto Glass, they will attempt to steer your business to their own parent operation, but you are not obliged to consent to this.

In Arizona, you have the legal right to select whichever service provider you want to work on your car. Since Glas Tek is a Safeco preferred repair shop and uses only those procedures and materials that meet or exceed Safeco company standards, you are assured that you will receive the same quality of job available anywhere else– plus you will get Glas Tek’s own $50.00 rebate on the spot. Using another auto glass provider will get you the same quality at the same price that Safeco has contracted to pay out regardless of who does the work, but not the Glas Tek rebate.