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Windshield Chip Repair Process

A windshield chip repair is performed by clearing out air and fragments from the damaged areas then injecting a clear resin to fill the space. When totally filled, the resin is cured by a ultra violet light, strengthening the bond and stopping the crack from breaking further. This process only works on layered glass like windshields. The resin is inserted between the windshields two layers and it keeps the glass safe from further damage.


Most windshield chip repairs will be successful if the damage is smaller than a standard business card. A rock chip repair won’t make the point of impact invisible, but it will improve you visibility by 60% to 80%. You cannot compare two different windshield chip repairs, they are all different. Lots of variables need to be taken into account when deciding whether a repair will work, such as its type, its size, the amount of debris and its position. If the windshield’s upper layer is intact then a windshield chip repair will not necessarily work.

Disadvantages of Windshield Chip Repair

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Disadvantages of Windshield Chip Repair

The windshield chip repair technician will need to add pressure upon the impact point. During this procedure, it is possible that the windshield can break out from the point of impact. This does not happen too often but it does run the risk. Usually, the windshield chip repair technician will be able to tell if the repair is too risky and will likely talk to you about these risks before he or she begins the repair. The most problematic types are ones that have long legs extending from the break. Although, there are potential risks during the windshield chip repair process, windshields that run this risk will break out further regardless of if the repair is attempted or not. So, it is best to allow the technician to perform the repair and attempt to save the windshield in its current state.  The repair installer will do his or her best to stop it from spreading, but Glas Tek can’t be held responsible if this happens. There is no charge for a repair that does not work. In addition, Glas Tek will be sure to give you a low and competitive auto glass replacement quote.

Pitted Car Windshields

If the top layer is only pitted by gravel then the resin cannot adequately be forced in-between the two layers of glass and eliminating the need for a successful windshield chip repair. In this case, pitted windshields will not run the risk from breaking out from the point of repair. However, some companies will charge you or your insurance company for filling a pit that is unnecessary. A windshield pit repair can be performed to bring the break to more of an even surface; however it will not gain any cosmetic or structural benefits.

The Advantages of Windshield Chip Repair

– it costs less than replacing one

– it can be done in under half an hour

– the manufacturer’s original seal will stay intact

– it will not affect your insurance

– the structure of the windshield remains intact

– you are absolutely certain to be happy

Windshield Chip Repair Process

– Look at the break and confirm if it can be repaired

– Decide on the likelihood of a successful repair and talk to the customer

– Prevent damage to the outside and inside working areas

– Remove contamination from the area

– Make a hole in the top surface, if required, to inject the resin

– Inject the resin into the damaged area

– Apply UV light to the area to cure the resin

– Brush off extraneous material

– Polish when needed

– Clean the repair

“Sand Blasted” Car Windshields

Some windshields will get extremely pitted overtime due to Arizona’s dirt roads, sand storms, and daily driving in the Arizona desert. Glas Tek refers to windshields that are extremely pitted to be “sand blasted”. Sand blasted windshields are not repairable and should be replaced. When a windshield is sand blasted it can cause sun rays to extend from these small pits causing the driver of the car to be blinded during certain conditions. These driving conditions are very unsafe for the driver and passengers of the car and should be addressed as soon as possible. Most insurance companies will replace a windshield that has become sand blasted under comprehensive coverage. Many policyholders carry glass endorsements with a $0 deductible on their comprehensive insurance policy without even know it. Therefore, a car windshield replacement would not cost the policyholder anything. In fact, with Glas Tek, we will pay you $50 instant cash for having your windshield replaced with us. Visit our Auto Glass Replacement FAQ’s page for more information about your insurance company and windshield replacement claims.


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