Farmers “Approved” Windshield Replacement & Auto Glass

Farmers windshield replacement

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Glas Tek is a proud approved Farmers windshield replacement and auto glass repair mobile service shop. We make filing an auto glass replacement claim EASY! The claim process only takes 10-15 minutes and we can even schedule you a same day appointment. Just call us direct and we will guide you through the entire process and answer all of your questions before filing the claim. We want to make the process as smooth and comfortable for you as possible. No worries, Glas Tek is a preferred Farmers windshield replacement and auto glass repair shop so we honor their contract pricing so that there will never be any additional out-of-pocket costs for you. In addition, Farmer’s backs our nationwide lifetime warranty so that you know that you have chosen a trusted and reliable company. Plus, we come right to your home or business to perform the work. Most windshield replacements take about an hour to replace. Furthermore, Farmers windshield replacement or auto glass repair claims will never increase your insurance premiums. That’s right, by Arizona state law, insurance companies are forbidden to increase premiums due to no fault claims such as auto glass breakage. Start your Farmers auto glass repair claim online today!

Farmers Windshield Replacement

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Don’t worry if your windshield needs replacement as Glas Tek is here to help. We are a Phoenix-based shop of the “Farmers Windshield Replacement Participant Program“. As such, our lifetime car windshield warranty services have the nationwide backing of the Farmers Insurance Group. We have pledged to stick to the insurance provider’s contract pricing which ensures policyholders that all of the work we do will be adequately covered. There will be no extra charges to surprise you. Be confident in filing your Farmers windshield replacement or auto glass repair claim knowing that Glas Tek will take care of everything to your satisfaction.  Plus, your insurance monthly payments will not increase due to filing a no fault auto glass replacement claim. So why not? We are a preferred Farmer’s windshield replacement shop and agree to their pricing.

Farmers Windshield Chip Repairs

Farmers Windshield Repair

Farmers’ will waive any comprehensive deductible for a windshield chip repair. So, if you carry a $250 deductible on your comprehensive policy and do not have the glass waiver, Farmers will pay for the cost of the windshield repair in full. Farmer’s offers this coverage to help keep you from having to have the entire windshield replaced.  Windshield repairs are less time consuming and keep the original factory seal of your glass intact. However, windshield chip repairs DO NOT fully disappear unlike some advertisements claim. Windshield repairs may clear up to 60-80% and many factors such as the size, location of the break, time on glass, and type of break (star, bulls-eye, etc) will impact the outcome of the repair. Successful windshield repairs only keep the break from spreading from point of impact. Visit windshield repair FAQ’s and windshield chip repair process for more information on repairs. However, if you are unhappy with the windshield repair, Farmers will approve a full windshield replacement. However, you will be required to pay your comprehensive deductible if you do not carry the auto glass waiver on your policy. Most windshield replacements will cost less than $250 so no replacement claim is necessary in these cases. Get an auto glass replacement price online now! We offer free lifetime rock chip repairs with all new windshields plus auto glass discounts.

Conference Assistance for No-Fuss Filing

Note that Farmers Insurance has designated a 3rd party administrator (TPA) to manage auto glass repair and windshield replacement claims. Every policyholder who wishes to file will have to talk to the TPA on behalf of Farmers on the phone to discuss the claim. Glas Tek can help by facilitating the conference call with the Farmer’s representative. The representative will ask for several pieces of information to start the claim process. During this call, the claim will be checked for eligibility as defined by the terms of coverage. Once coverage is verified, authorization will be given to Glas Tek to begin the necessary work. Claim calls can take anywhere from 10-15 minutes to complete and your windshield can be replaced the same day in most cases.

Questions asked during a Farmers Windshield Replacement Claim

SGC, in behalf of Farmers Insurance, will ask a series of questions to open an auto glass repair or replacement claim. The representative will ask for personal details like first and last name, phone number, alternate number, zip code, home address, and email address. Then he or she will get the policy number, state in which the policy was written, and so on to verify the account. Supply the vehicle’s make, model, and year of manufacture. After getting all these facts, the questions will move on to the specifics of the case including the date and time when the damage on the windshield occurred.

The Farmers representative will need to get a clear picture of the extent of the damage. For instance, is the damage confined to the windshield or are other parts of the vehicle damaged as well? Most breaks stem from a hard object hitting the front of the car such as rocks, golf balls, road debris, or sometimes tree branches.  The harm they cause will often be limited to a certain area such as your windshield. Collisions with another car or a road obstacle will tend to produce a greater amount of damage to the entire vehicle and will be handled differently then from just a “glass only” claim. Gauge the length and width of the broken glass so that the approximate dimensions of the break can be given when asked.

There will also be questions that are important for legal technicalities. The place where the incident occurred could be vital. Was it inside or outside the state of Arizona? Can the responsibility be attributed to any party? Sometimes the windshield damage can be traced to the malicious acts of an agitated individual. Most times, the cause is a random flying rock off the highway or road. The owner may even find the glass broken in a parking lot without knowing what transpired. It is not uncommon for a windshield to be struck by a rock and later break. Describe every pertinent detail including the events that led to the problem to help the representative evaluate the case. They will need an approximate date as to when you believe the damage occurred. If you do not know, pick a date because the Farmer’s representative cannot pick this date for you. Just make sure you had coverage on the date that you choose.

A Closer Look at Farmer’s Insurance

The Farmers Insurance Group is known throughout the US as one of the biggest companies in the industry. It boasts of a brand that enjoys high visibility and recognition in all of the states. Farmers Insurance is up there at the top of the market standings with the likes of Allstate and State Farm. While it is true that its policies tend to be more expensive than most, it earns the right to charge more by providing its customers with outstanding quality of service.

There are a lot of insurance companies that have built their business on the premise of providing the cheapest rates in their area. This business model is essentially a constant race to the bottom for everyone who cares to join and profitability isn’t easy to come by. Despite operating in this environment, Farmers Insurance is not concerned about charging more than their competitors. The company retains their customers through excellent service. It has one of the largest networks of agents across the country. Farmers Insurance doesn’t stop at selling either as they can be counted on to process claims quickly.

Those who wish to enjoy the exceptional service of Farmers while keeping the costs to a minimum can use various financial strategies. For example, try to get all different kinds of policies under one roof such as auto, life and home insurance. Doing so will result in a substantial discount from the provider. This can be extended to the entire family for even greater savings. Other ways to lower the month rate for auto insurance includes keeping a clean driving record, maintaining high grades for students, using a light-colored paint job, and installing anti-theft devices.

Final Words

Glas Tek’s status as a Farmers windshield replacement and auto glass repair preferred vendor speaks volumes about the shop’s ability to provide excellent service to customers. A workmanship warranty will be given to ensure owners that their vehicles are in good hands. After Farmer’s confirms coverage, Glas Tek can proceed with the work needed to make the auto glass as good as new. All the bills incurred will be sent directly to Farmers. Customers get to have the vehicle repaired without spending a dime.