Auto Glass Installation Process


The entire auto glass installation process will be easy on your wallet and your car. Our experts will cater to you from the moment we mobile to your place and to the moment you drive away. The journey will start with a quick inspection of your vehicle. The experts will want to ensure that hazard or existing damage is apparent. After the quick inspection, the specialist will remove the old glass and molding to get the vehicle prepared for the new glass. Gluing, priming and installation occur after that. The entire auto glass installation process can be completed in less than an hour in most cases.

Our company works with a wide variety of insurance companies, so you never have to fear that we may turn you down. We work with companies such as AAA, Geico, Liberty Mutual, Met Life, American Family, Safeco and the like. Our auto glass price system is on 24 hours a day and seven days a week. You can feel confident enough to contact us and ask for an estimate on windshield repairs on your vehicle. We will be delighted to let you know where you stand, and we will be delighted to walk with you through the process of restoration.


Auto Glass Installation

  • Inspect auto glass for prior damage or potential hazards
  • Protect vehicle’s body from damage for the auto glass repair removal process
  • Remove any molding as required to remove the broken auto glass
  • Remove old broken auto glass with required tool without damaging car and without injury
  • Cut down or remove existing urethane (glue) bead as required by the auto glass repair shop
  • Inspect car pinchweld for damage and prime as necessary
  • Apply new fast curing urethane (glue) bead to the pinchweld for auto glass repair installation
  • Install new auto glass in the vehicle pinchweld opening
  • Remove old rear view mirror and reattach to new auto windshield
  • Install any auto glass removed parts or moldings
  • Clean up any existing glass or urethane scraps


Door Auto Glass Installation

  • Inspect auto door glass for prior damage or potential hazards
  • Remove the auto door glass interior panel
  • Disconnect or remove any old hardware attached to the auto door glass
  • Clean broken glass from inside the auto door glass panel
  • Install new auto door glass
  • Replace any hardware or parts as required
  • Reinstall auto door glass panel
  • Verify auto door glass rolls up and down properly
  • Clean up any existing broken glass