Aliied auto glass repairDon’t worry about damage as Glas Tek can provide Allied windshield replacement in a snap. The company is one of the accredited auto glass shops which means all services are guaranteed and no additional fees are necessary. Those who have full glass coverage may even qualify for a $50 cash rebate.

A broken windshield should not be ignored as it makes driving a dangerous task. Motorist must have a clear view of the road to react quickly to whatever is in front of them. If it was damaged due to an accident, then contact Allied auto glass insurance to file a claim.

How to File an Allied Windshield Replacement Claim

Glas Tek can help by setting up a conference call with Allied. The whole process should take around 15 minutes and may be recorded for quality purposes. The representative will ask a number of questions to verify your identity and check your records.

Tell them about the incident that led to the damage including the date of occurrence, how it happened, and how bad the cracks are. They will also need to get the details of your car such as the make, model, and year of manufacture. Any supporting documents such as police reports will help to expedite the process.

They will then verify if your chosen auto glass shop is among those on the list of trusted partners. Glas Tek is definitely an Allied auto glass service provider so you cannot go wrong. The repair or replacement can commence as soon as the approval is given.

Allied Auto Glass Chip Repairs and Replacement

Repair may suffice for small chips and cracks. The structure will be strengthened to prevent the damage from spreading, but it may not hide the blemishes. Large breaks are usually dealt with by replacing the entire windshield for a fresh start.