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AAA windshield replacement

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¬†Glas Tek is a preferred AAA windshield replacement or repair mobile service provider. AAA stands behind Glas Tek’s auto glass replacement and repair services and backs them up with a double guarantee. This double guarantee should give AAA insurance policy holders the confidence that they have chosen the right AAA windshield replacement and repair company. We honor all AAA contract pricing so that there will NEVER be any additional costs for you or your insurance company. Filing a claim is fast and easy and only takes about 10-15 minutes of your time. We will walk you through the process and answer all of your questions before the claim process begins. We are here to help and want to make sure the AAA claim process is comfortable and easy for all. Visit our auto glass replacement insurance page to learn more on the claim process.

AAA Windshield Replacement

  The car windshield often bears the brunt of exposure to the elements Рsun, wind, rain, snow, hail, and a number of roadside hazards that could cause cracks, nicks and scratches. Tiny damages are probably negligible but more severe issues will require either repair or replacement. Depending on factors such as car brand, make, year and model, along with the severity of the damage, a car owner can spend as much as $400 just to have their windshield glass replaced. A reliable auto insurance will help defray expenses associated with repairs and replacements of car parts, thus taking away a significant chunk of this financial burden from you. In fact, many Arizona AAA windshield replacement insurance policyholders carry full glass coverage on their policy and may not even know it. Arizona is just one of the few states that offer a auto glass waiver to their comprehensive insurance policy at very low premium costs.

AAA Windshield Rock Chip Repairs

Glas Tek can repair rock chips in a windshield if they are smaller than the size of a credit card. AAA insurance will waive any deductible if a windshield is in repairable condition. However, keep in mind that a windshield rock chip repair is not a cosmetic fix so the break will not disappear once complete. However, the impact point may clear up 60-80% depending on many factors such as time it has been on windshield, type of break, size of break, and the location of the break. Glas Tek will be glad to discuss your needs and help file your windshield rock chip repair claim. Visit our windshield repair FAQ’s page to learn more. Or, visit our windshield chip repair process page to learn how a repair is performed.

What You Can Expect

AAA works with a third party company that assists in filing claims for auto glass repairs and windshield replacement. Glas Tek is a program participant of AAA’s Preferred Auto Glass Program, which means that all windshield replacement work is supported and guaranteed by AAA all over the country. As an AAA windshield replacement program participant, Glas Tek is bound by its contract pricing with AAA, so policyholders can expect the best prices at the lowest possible cost – no additional expense for you to shoulder and no additional cost for your auto insurance company.

Glas Tek’s association with AAA Insurance assures members of immediate assistance when they need it most. If you have to file a claim for windshield replacement, for example, you are not required to make a report to your own insurance agent or company since you will be provided with full assistance to file an auto glass claim. Once you get in touch with Glas Tek, you will be assisted every step of the way in reporting a windshield replacement incident and filing an auto glass insurance claim. Your insurance coverage will be verified and any information you need to help you complete the process quickly will be provided to you. This extra service is offered for free and with no obligation on your part. Once coverage has been verified Glas Tek will be given a claim number to bill AAA directly. Glas Tek will then schedule a convenient mobile appointment to come out to your home or business and replace the glass onsite. This mobile service is free of charge and only takes about one hour to complete.

How to File Your AAA Windshield Replacement Claim

AAA windshield replacement insurance claims require the policyholder to call Glas Tek personally for assistance during the claim process. Glas Tek will then facilitate a conference call AAA so your claim is received and managed as quickly as possible. As part of the process, AAA will ask a few questions that will help the insurance company verify the circumstances of the incident related to your claim.

After filing your claim, AAA will verify your insurance coverage based on your policy on record. Once the information is confirmed, AAA will instruct Glas Tek to begin the replacement work on your car. In most cases, the whole process of claim filing over the phone would take about 15 minutes or less.

Another option is filing your auto glass replacement claim online through the Glas Tek website. You will be required to fill out a webpage form with information such as your zip code, address and relevant vehicle information. Once you confirm the information, you will be provided a quote on the cost of replacement and repair. Note that the figures on the quote are just estimates and usually based on the car part available at the lowest price. It is up to you to decide if the material on the quote is up to your standards and meets your requirements. The online form is free and does not oblige you to purchase or sign up for services. You will, however, be assisted by a representative from Glas Tek. Once you send an online file claim or quote request, you can expect a call from a representative within a few minutes during business days.

What You Need to Know

All calls to AAA will be monitored by the company or recorded. This is to maintain quality and consistency of service. A representative will also inform you that a third-party handles the glass claims for AAA but is not financially affiliated. They will also inform you that you have a choice to choose any auto glass replacement shop and that Glas Tek is a preferred AAA windshield replacement shop and that they will stand behind our work. According to the State Law of Arizona (ARS 20-469), car owners have the legal option to choose which service provider they want to work with for auto glass replacement. As a AAA member, you also receive free mobile service anywhere in Phoenix, Arizona and get a lifetime nationwide warranty. You are also assured that all evaluations, repairs and installations will be performed by trained and experienced professionals.

Who is AAA Auto Insurance?

AAA is one of America’s most recognizable brands. A business built on customer faith, the American Automobile Association is one of the best motor clubs in the U.S., known for its reliable support for members. AAA provides maps, discounts and roadside assistance. It later expanded its services by offering different levels of insurance products to suit the unique needs and requirements of members.

Although AAA’s reputation is founded on its extensive experience in auto-related discounts and roadside assistance, it has been offering auto insurance for many years. The company’s insurance is designed to provide its members the complete package that combines reliable support and protection. As such, AAA’s auto insurance is available for AAA members only. Once you sign for an AAA membership, you automatically become eligible for insurance coverage. Insurance is of course, co-terminus with your membership. If you choose to discontinue your membership or become inactive, your insurance coverage also ceases. The cost of the insurance is simply added to the cost of the yearly membership for easy tracking.

Who Needs AAA Insurance?

AAA is an excellent option for active AAA members who want added protection through insurance coverage. With AAA’s track record for claim processing efficiency, policyholders are assured of timely support when they need it. AAA also has an extensive network of agents all over the country, providing a vast source of assistance for members wherever they may be.