Progressive “Approved” Windshield Replacement & Auto Glass

Progressive windshield replacement

Start your Progressive Windshield Replacement Claim Today!

Glas Tek makes filing a Progressive windshield replacement or auto glass claim quick and easy! Progressive insurance utilizes a third-party administrator to handle claims on their behalf. Glas Tek offers professional auto glass services throughout Phoenix, Arizona and is proud to be an ” Approved Progressive Windshield Replacement Program Participant.” This means that Glas Tek is fully backed, nationwide, by Progressive insurance and all glass services that they perform is guaranteed. Additionally, you’ll never be surprised with additional out-of-pocket expenses because Glas Tek honors contract pricing for the services they provide on behalf of Progressive.

Progressive insurance requires that whenever a claim for windshield replacement or auto glass repair is made, the insured policy holder must be on the call. Glas Tek can help make filing a claim easier. They will set up a conference call between you and Progressive in order to help you get the claim filed as quickly and effortlessly as possible. In order to process your glass claim, Progressive will have a series of questions they will need to ask. Once a claim is filed, coverage will be verified by Progressive and Glas Tek will receive the necessary authorization for them to go ahead and perform the work. The following list of questions will be asked by the claims representative from Progressive during the claim process for auto glass replacement or repair. Typically, the conference call will be completed in under 15 minutes. Once your conference call is connected with Progressive, you will be told by the representative that the call is being recorded or monitored for quality purposes.

Progressive Windshield Replacement Claim Process

The following list contains the comments or questions you can expect your Progressive claim representative to ask when you open a new claim for windshield replacement or auto glass repair:

• They will tell you that the call is being monitored or recorded for quality purposes.
• On what month and day did the damage occur?
• What is the policy number of your Progressive insurance policy?

• The agent will inform you that they are going to ask you some personal questions so that they can verify your identity. They will ask if it’s okay with you to do this while Glas Tek is on the call.

• What is your address, including the city as well as the zip code? They want the address that is listed on your insurance policy, not the address where the damage occurred or where the work will be done.
• The agent will also ask for your date of birth.
• What caused the damage to your windshield or auto glass?
• What is your email address so that a confirmation can be sent to you for your auto glass claim?
• The Progressive representative will also let you know that they would like to provide you with your claim number for your personal records.
• The agent will ask for you to hold a moment while they take a look at your policy coverage and deductible.
• The Progressive representative will thank you for being one of their Emerald members and tell you that your business is appreciated.
• You will be notified that your policy provides full glass coverage and you will not have any out of pocket expenses (that is, if you have no deductible for glass coverage).
• The agent will inform you that since you have selected the glass shop of your choice, they will check to see if the shop is in their system.
• Glass Tek is a Progressive insurance affiliate shop and has already agreed in advance to abide by their pricing structure.
• You will be thanked for choosing Progressive insurance and told that your business is appreciated.
• The agent will ask if there is anything else that they can do to assist you.
• At this point the representative for Progressive will give a six digit referral number to the Glas Tek agent. This is the number that Glas Tek will use for billing purposes.
• Glas Tek will schedule an appointment that is convenient for you, and if you have full glass coverage, they will give you up to $150 in CASH.

 Progressive Offers a Unique Approach to Auto Insurance

Progressive Auto Insurance has used an unusual approach to grow its customer base. They have some amusing and catchy television commercials that are effective in grabbing people’s attention. However, the public becomes really interested when they see how Progressive treats pricing by their competitors.

The Unique Approach of Progressive

When contacting the competition, many auto insurance providers will tell you that they offer the very best coverage. However, when you contact Progressive, you’ll never hear these assurances. They provide the information you need and let you make your own decision.

When Progressive began using this unique approach, many customers were extremely surprised because Progressive is very upfront in letting people know that there are competitors who offer certain policies for a cheaper price. Once you describe what kind of insurance coverage you want, Progressive will give you a list of various insurance companies as well as the rates they charge for that type of coverage. They certainly aren’t afraid to let potential customers know that their policy is not always the most cost-effective option available.

This approach is superb because it allows Progressive to not only provide this information to potential customers, but they can use this information to create their own policies, while also keeping the competition in mind. They might lose a potential customer, but they’ve learned about a potential weak point in their coverage. This allows them to adapt their rates and coverage to keep competitive.

Progressive Auto Insurance Policy Shopping

Potential customers can take advantage of insurance information provided by Progressive by giving them a call or visiting their website. By simply providing some details regarding your vehicle and the coverage you need, you’ll receive valuable information in minutes. This information will help you make the best financial decision.

Progressive is a great place to start when shopping for auto insurance. You’ll always get honest rate information and you won’t miss any opportunities for saving when you choose your insurance with Progressive.