USAA “Approved” Windshield Replacement & Auto Glass Repair

USAA windshield replacement

Start your USAA Windshield Replacement or Auto Glass Repair Claim Online Now!

Glas Tek is an approved USAA windshield replacement and auto glass repair shop. USAA insurance has partnered with an independent glass administrator, (SGC), for filing USAA windshield replacement and auto glass repair claims on its behalf.  Glas Tek is a participant in the USAA-backed auto glass program therefore receives USAA’s backed guarantee and support of all work performed. Moreover, Glas Tek conforms to the contract pricing of USAA, meaning policyholder’s will not have to put up with any extra out-of-pocket expenses. Furthermore, we are an approved and preferred USAA windshield replacement shop, honor USAA contract pricing, provide a lifetime car windshield warranty and are backed by USAA.  Start your USAA windshield replacement or auto glass repair claim online!

USAA Insurance currently mandates the policyholders to be on the line when filing an Arizona windshield replacement or auto glass repair claim. Glas Tek will connect you with USAA representative to help speed up the filing process and answer all of your questions beforehand. For USAA windshield replacement claim processing, A third-party claims administrator will ask a set of questions and the call will take up to 15 minutes. Once the filing is done, USAA will provide coverage verification and give Glas Tek the authorization to complete the work.

USAA Windshield Replacement Claim Process

The following are the questions asked by the USAA claims representative during the claim process.   

• Have you reported this claim before?
• Has work begun yet?
• What’s your primary member or policy number?
• What’s your full name?
• What’s your current active phone number?
• Do you any alternative phone numbers?

• What’s your email address so that the claim confirmation mail can be sent across?
• What’s the exact date of damage?
• What’s your vehicle’s production year, model and make?
• The state of damage and how did it all happen?
• Can you kindly verify the address mentioned on the policy?
• Is your windshield crack or break smaller in size compared to a dollar bill?

Once the Q&A session is done with, the representative on the other side of the call confirms the coverage and verifies the selected shop – which is Glas Tek, in this case. Glas Tek is a USAA windshield replacement and auto glass repair preferred shop in Phoenix therefore USAA backs Glas Tek’s nationwide lifetime warranty. Once the phone call is completed, Glas Tek is provided a referral number by USAA, which Glas Tek uses to charge USAA once the work on the claim is performed.

USAA Windshield Replacement & Auto Glass Repair FAQs

Automobile windshields come built in with two glass pieces along with a laminated internal plastic layer. During a crack, only the windshield’s outside layer gets damaged. This is why windshields are also called vehicle safety glass.

When calling the USAA windshield replacement and auto glass repair shop, you must furnish the following information: car make, model and year. Specific details pertaining to the windshield could also be required. For instance, you could be asked whether the windshield is heated or comes with a rain sensor.

USAA windshield replacement and auto glass repairs are fast and easy. Glas Tek will guide you through the process and answer all of your questions before the claim process begins. Claims typically take less than 15 minutes and you can be scheduled as soon as today!

All windshield parts or components used at Glas Tek are new and come with a nationwide lifetime guarantee against manufacturer defects, leakage, and workmanship. Every auto glass part or component is in compliance with FMVSS standards.

Generally, car windshield replacements shouldn’t take more than an hour. However, there could be exceptions and the time-frame could be lengthier based on the car type and previous windshield installation techniques.

Glas Tek is approved by many large insurance firms: Met-Life, Esurance, Nationwide, AIG, Liberty Mutual, Progressive, Costco, American Express, Travelers, Encompass, Allstate, AAA, USAA, Hartford, Geico, Farmers, American Family, and many many more.

And the best part of all, filing a USAA windshield replacement or auto glass repair insurance claim  is not at all difficult. The process can be typically wrapped up in 15 minutes. You can either get in touch with the local shop or file the auto glass repair claim online. Once done, Glas Tek will take care of the rest and guide you through the entire process.

USAA Auto Insurance

USAA’s car insurance service started in 1922. It was formed as a response to the dismissal of 25 army officers’ car insurance claims. The army personnel set up their own insurance firm, which led to the birth of United Services Automobile Association (USAA). With its headquarters in San Antonio, Texas, USAA has more than 6 million members, with close to 11.7 million insurance policy covers executed till date.

The company offers a gamut of auto insurance products to military personnel, USA armed services veterans and eligible family members. A USAA insurance isn’t offered to non-military personnel or individuals without any military background or association.

In a majority of states, members of USAA can purchase popular coverage varieties such as comprehensive, liability, collision, PIP (personal injury protection), coverage for under-insured or uninsured motorists, GAP (general auto protection) insurance, and the likes.

Moreover, there are several other discounts for active military personnel to benefit from. For instance, if your vehicle is in a military base garage, a 15 percent discount can be utilized by army personnel on comprehensive coverage cost. Discounts for parents of academically good students are also available as per the listed policies; if a student maintains an average of “B” in her or his college or high school classes, USAA insurance would reward the parents with a price deduction. USAA also provides safe driving discounts and deductions on having maintained a tidy or accident-less driving record. There are also other saving types for drivers who’ve cleared the defensive driving program.

Starting your journey with USAA insurance is a straightforward affair. The coverage application can be submitted online via a secured company website. Within a matter of minutes, qualified drivers could take home substantial savings while having insured their automobiles with a firm that’s recommended and trusted by military personnel for generations together.