Glas Tek Phoenix Windshield Replacement: Premium Service At Reasonable Rates

Sunday, December 17th, 2017

As far back to my childhood as I can remember, Glas Tek has always been associated with glass. But as the years went by and I bought my first car, it became synonymous with durability, efficiency, trustworthiness and overall integrity. When it comes to Phoenix windshield replacement and auto glass repair, Glas Tek -together with its many affiliates- is to vehicle owners exactly what Hercules was to the Greeks. As an employee there -which I consider fate, taking into account my latter obsession with auto glass repair- I can attest to the fact that Glas Tek is a solid brand with a solid reputation.

Enhanced Visibility And Safety

Most of us make the unfortunate mistake of considering a windshield as just a sheet of glass meant to separate us from the outside elements. But when an accident does occur, a cracked windshield can break completely and place you at risk of serious bodily harm. So attention must be given to it just as you would the engine. More so, cracks and rock chips can compromise visibility at a crucial time -like the deflection of light from oncoming traffic- further endangering the lives of passengers. At Glas Tek, windshield safety is a primary concern as we don’t just see a vehicle as a means of transport.

Fast, Reasonable and Efficient

Getting your windshield fixed in a timely matter is important to our experienced Glas Tek technicians. Simply get your quote online and proceed to visit our workshop for the service. As for the processing of the corresponding insurance claim, we are approved and certified by a number of insurance companies, so very rarely do we turn away clients. It doesn’t end there, however.

We have an incentive system for our clients whereby you get $50 cash for filing your insurance claim with Glas Tek. We also have a flexible claim policy whereby our insurers offer no-fault insurance, so expect our already fair market prices to create a buffer against the possibility of rising premiums.

Windshield Replacement And Auto Glass Repair Information

Monday, December 11th, 2017

Insurance Auto Glass Questions & AnswersPrior to contacting Windshields of Arizona, am I required to get in touch with my insurance agent or company?

Fortunately, you do not have to contact your insurance company prior to obtaining our assistance. We can help you with verifying your level of coverage, filing a claim and with one call, we can schedule your free windshield replacement mobile appointment.

What is a glass waiver or glass endorsement?

According to Arizona State law, when an insurance company sells a comprehensive policy, a separate glass waiver or glass endorsement must be offered at a premium regulated by Arizona’s Department of Insurance. This means that regardless of your overall deductible, your glass replacement deductible may be zero.

What is no fault coverage for windshield replacement?

Arizona law states that insurance companies are prohibited from raising your premiums for claims that occurred due to no fault of your own, including glass replacement. For this reason, if you did nothing to cause the damage, your rates cannot increase for filing a claim.

How can I determine if my insurance coverage is comprehensive?

You must check your own automobile insurance policy for detailed coverage information, but if you are still making payments on your car or it is leased, it is highly likely that you have full coverage.

What do I do if I am unsure whether I have full coverage or must pay a deductible?

We can assist you with this issue. Simply get in touch with us and we will help you to file your claim. You can also contact your insurance company to determine whether or not you have full coverage or must pay a deductible. If you discover you do not have glass coverage, check to see how much your company charges and consider adding it to your policy for the future.

If I have a broken windshield, but do not have glass coverage, can I simply add this benefit to my policy, wait several months and replace the windshield?

Although people have tried this tactic and some have probably been successful, it is not legal or ethical. Additionally, certain insurance agencies that require a photo of your windshield prior to adding the additional coverage to your policy.

Do insurance companies repair windshield chips at no cost?

The majority of agencies are quicker to waive the deductible and repair the glass instead of having it replaced, since repairing a chip costs significantly less money then replacing the entire windshield. For this reason, if your policy is comprehensive, the entire repair will likely be covered. Currently, State Farm is the only insurance agency requiring a glass endorsement or a glass waiver on your policy simply to cover a windshield chip repair.

Will my rates go up if I file a windshield replacement claim?

Your rates will not increase. Arizona State law includes the aforementioned “no-fault claim” for replacing the windshield, and therefore if the damages were caused by a natural disaster, extreme temperatures, vandalism, flying objects or other incidents, a claim will not lead to higher insurance premiums.

Will my insurance company approve Windshields of Arizona?

Yes. Windshields of Arizona will be approved by your insurance company because they are currently a preferred member for numerous major insurance agencies. These include Esurance, Allstate, MetLife, AIG, Capital Nationwide, Progressive, Liberty Mutual, American Express, Costco, Encompass, Travelers, AAA, Hartford, USAA, Farmers, Geico, and American Family. In addition, Windshields of Arizona is a preferred member of LYNX Service and Safelite Solutions, which are third-party administrators for numerous insurance agencies.

Is it difficult to file a windshield replacement insurance claim?

Fortunately, in the majority of instances a claim can be filed in less than 15 minutes. File your claim online or call our local shop directly and we will take care of the rest.

Does Windshields of Arizona provide discounts for auto windshield replacement claims?

Yes. We have a special called “$50 Fast Cash” that we provide with any windshield insurance claim. If you have a comprehensive policy including full glass coverage, as most Arizona policyholders do, we will deliver $50 cash to you when you come for service or when we come to you. As soon as the job is complete, you receive the cash with no waiting period. In addition, you need not have any worries that we up–charge your insurance carrier for the $50 cash back program, as this promotion does not affect your insurance company.

Will my insurance company cover the cost of original equipment factory glass–OEM?

In some cases, OEM glass for automobiles is covered for cars that are current, with a plus or minus of two years. However, if your insurance company does not cover OEM glass, Scottsdale Windshield Replacement will explain your other options.

How can I find out which manufacturer made my windshield?

According to FMVSS, all windshields made and sold in America must contain manufacturing plant details, as well as a DOT code. This DOT code is often referred to as a windshield “bug” and is generally located at the bottom of the windshield. To discover who manufactured your particular windshield, write down the DOT code and enter it in the glassBYTES/AGRR database.

My insurance agent told me I can use any member of Safelite Solutions or LYNX Services for my repair.

That is great news. Windshields of Arizona is a member of both.

Can I choose any shop for the repair?

Yes. According to Arizona State law, you can select any shop for windshield repair. In fact, if your insurance company or agent refers you to their choice of glass shops, they are obligated to tell you that you can refuse that shop and choose your own.

What should I do if my insurance agent or company promotes their “preferred” windshield replacement company?

Always remember you have the legal right to pick your own windshield replacement and repair shop. In some cases, insurance companies tout one repair shop over the next because they are financially affiliated. The latter simply means they receive discounts, kickbacks and other benefits, none of which benefit you as the customer. Windshields of Arizona has competitive pricing and is accepted by all insurance companies, so we are very similar to your insurance company’s “preferred” repair shops, except that you get the perks rather than your insurance company.

Will asking about my deductible or making inquiries about a windshield replacement cause my rates to go up?

No. Directing questions to your insurance provider concerning your policy is not considered the same as filing a claim. Additionally, your insurance company is prohibited from raising your premiums for filing a no-fault windshield replacement claim.

What if I have liability only insurance coverage?

Coverage referred to as “liability only” covers damage to other cars. Therefore, auto glass repair is not covered under such a policy. Nevertheless, Windshields of Arizona has highly competitive prices, and accepts all payment methods, such as cash, debit cards and major credit cards.

If I opt for windshield repair instead of replacement, is my insurance company likely to waive the deductible?

In most cases, insurance companies will waive glass repair deductibles. This means if your comprehensive deductible on auto glass repair is between $50 and $1000, your insurance provider will likely cover the entire cost. However, State Farm only covers repairs if your policy features a glass endorsement benefit.

What if my deductible is high?

If your deductible is over $250, it would be better for you to pay out-of-pocket instead of handling it through your insurance company, as the auto glass repair cost will probably be less than $250.

It is helpful to know, however, that Arizona policyholders must be offered a full glass coverage option with no deductible. This means in Arizona you have the option of purchasing glass coverage with no deductible for a very small premium, which is usually under $15 per month.

What type of glass do insurance companies cover under comprehensive policies?

Most companies cover all glass, such as back glass, quarter glass, vent glass, rear glass and windshields. Some even cover mirrors under comprehensive policies.

Can my insurance company insist on windshield repair rather than replacement?

No. Insurance agencies typically prefer windshield repairs rather than replacement, as it saves time, money and keeps the original factory seal in place. However, if replacement is necessary, the insurance company cannot insist that you merely get the glass repaired.

My windshield is tinted, will be replaced?

Yes. Insurance companies will cover the cost of having the aftermarket tint reapplied to your windshield and we work with that type of glass, as well.

Prior to installation, will my insurance company inspect the damage?

In some cases, pre-inspection of windshields is completed before windshield replacement authorization is given to the repair shop. Insurance companies who engage in this practice include Geico, USAA, and American Family. Once verified, the company will authorize a shop to perform the repairs. In some cases, this can delay your auto glass replacement for a few days or weeks.

What questions will my insurance agent ask when I file a windshield replacement claim?

Your identity will be verified, the agent will gather claim information, look up your policy and authorize the glass shop of your choice to do the work.

What about my deductible?

The first thing you must do is verify that your insurance agent is not confusing your comprehensive insurance policy with your glass coverage. With Arizona comprehensive insurance coverage, your general collision deductible can be $250, but your glass deductible endorsement, zero. In some cases, insurance representatives give misinformation because they look at the wrong part of the policy. Therefore, when inquiring about auto glass repair coverage, make sure you ask the insurance agent to look specifically for any glass endorsement on the policy. Alternatively, you can give Scottsdale Windshield Replacement a call and we will assist you with this task.

Finally, if your deductible is $50 or less, we are pleased to waive it for you, but we cannot honor any other auto glass repair promotions or specials in conjunction with this discount.

Get Superior Auto Glass Repair And Replacement With Glas Tek

Sunday, November 26th, 2017

Phoenix auto glassThe windshield, side windows and rear windows are essential safety elements in your vehicle. Thus, when they are damaged, no matter what the cause, you need quick repair. Glas Tek is a reliable mobile service that serves customers in Phoenix and surrounding suburbs in the Valley of the Sun, providing superior windshield replacement and auto glass repair on a wide range of vehicle makes and models, including semi-trucks.

Our locally owned and operated mobile auto glass repair provides a wide range of services to customers who need repairs on their vehicles. Your windshield and rear glass do much more than simply protect you from the elements. The uphold the integrity of your vehicle, helping it to maintain its overall shape and safety to the occupants inside. That’s why working with a seasoned repair company when you have a breach in the front, rear or side windows is imperative. Glas Tek has the knowledge and expertise to return your vehicle to its former condition and make it look like new again.

Many of our technicians have more than 10 years of experience in the industry, which means they know how to tackle any windshield or vehicle glass situation and resolve it quickly with a minimum of difficulty. When we come to your premises, we inspect your vehicle to recommend the best possible solution to your auto glass problem. When replacement is warranted, we will remove it along with the old molding and prepare it for the new glass.

We work closely with all major insurance companies to ensure that you get the proper compensation for the damage done to your vehicle’s glass. In addition, Glas Teck provides a lifetime warranty on all glass installations as well as our workmanship. All of our replacement glass is original OEM auto glass, so you will be assured of the highest quality.

Information About Glas Tek Services

Sunday, November 19th, 2017

phoenix autoglassAn accident can happen at any time to anyone. That’s why you need to be prepared. Glas Tek can help you when you find yourself in a situation where your car glass has sustained damaged, such as a crack or break.

Glas Tek is an auto glass company located in Glendale, Arizona. What is so unique about this business is that it is female-owned by Lanette Canen, who has more than twenty years of experience in the auto glass repair industry. Her business specializes in auto glass repair, windshield replacement and much more.

The Glas Tek technicians can replace or repair broken car windshields or any chipped glass in your car. They work on all types of vehicles, whether big or small. They also provide a free mobile service throughout the Phoenix Metropolitan area, making them highly accessible for any incidents you run into on the road.

The company purchases autoglass from various manufacturers to install and replace them in vehicles. The two main types of autoglass they use are laminated glass and tempered glass, the tempered glass being far stronger with the benefit of a making a cleaner break in an accident. Depending on the type of glass in your windshield or car, the technicians will advise you if it can be repaired or needs to be replaced. Tempered glass generally has to be repaired if it is broken.

If your windshield only has a chip, rather than completely shattering, Glas Tek can repair this by clearing away any fragments and injecting a special resin to fill the chipped space. This resin is then cured with ultra violet light to strengthen it and stop it from cracking further. This can save you a lot of money by addressing the chip early rather than having to buy a new windshield later on.

Windshields and auto glass also comes in different shades, tints and colors, so if you have something special that you use for your vehicle, Glas Tek will try their best to accommodate your request.

If you need an auto glass repair, you can get a quote from them right on their website for ease of reference. The quote will include the cost of labor, and you will be advised if there are additional costs for extra items such as moldings or rain sensors. Glas Tek will make every effort to utilize parts from your previous windshield, if possible.

Thank You For Being A Part Of Our Success

Thursday, August 31st, 2017

Here at Glas Tek, we are celebrating. It is our businesses 10th year anniversary. We could not be more proud of our success, but we know that we could not have done this without all of you.

For 10 years now, we have been serving the greater Phoenix area when it comes to windshield replacements and auto glass needs. Whether a rock flew into a windshield or a car was in a collision, we were there to help. But none of that would have been possible without all of you. You all trusted us with your vehicles when you needed chip or crack repair or when you needed an entirely new windshield installed.

You have allowed our business to serve you, and as such, one our 10 year anniversary, we want to take the time to thank all of you. To each and every person who used our business, thank you. You have allowed our business to grow and allowed us to serve our community. Ten years ago, we could not have imagined the success we would have had, and none of that would have been possible without each of you. Thank you for the past ten years and we look forward to many more decades of helping you with all of your Phoenix windshield repairs and replacements.

Celebrating 10 Years of Success

Thursday, August 24th, 2017

An anniversary is always a celebration, but when it’s your tenth-year anniversary, you can’t help but be extra ecstatic. Phoenix has been more than kind to us. We owe the success of our auto glass shop to Arizona’s proud capital, which we’ve called home for years now.

But ultimately, it’s you who made all of this possible.

We are eternally grateful to our clients whose loyal patronage has become a win-win relationship for us and them. We sincerely thank you for placing your trust in us for all your auto glass repair and windshield replacement needs through the years, and for consistently leaving stellar feedback about our services.

We’re celebrating now because it’s our tenth-year anniversary, but more than that, we’re celebrating because we have the pleasure of serving you.

Phoenix Auto Glass Replacement Services

Friday, August 4th, 2017

Don’t let the desert heat get you down! While the blazing hot summers are hard on your windshield, our specialists are here to take care of your vehicle and make sure you and your loved ones are driving behind a safe windshield.

We understand the special challenges we all face here in Phoenix. Loose gravel, grains of sand and silt in the air, and with plenty of wind storms in this desert it becomes easy for a chip to become a scratch to become a crack, and cracks to become much more serious.

Phoenix Prevention & Maintenance

We can help you take care of your windshield at every stage. Minor chips can often be filled in to prevent the sand and grit of the desert from rubbing that into a larger problem and more damage.

If the damage is too much and you need a replacement to make sure everyone is driving safely (and to avoid a possible ticket for unsafe driving) then you can rest easy knowing we take care of that, too!

Full Phoenix Windshield Replacement Services

Do you need a front windshield replaced in Phoenix Arizona? A back windshield replaced? Whatever windows in your vehicle need to be removed and replaced with new glass, our experienced professionals know how to get the job done fast and how to do it right.

We take pride in being your Phoenix windshield replacement specialists. Our licensed, insured, and certified specialists also bring years of experience working on thousands of different vehicles. Whatever the size, shape, or special needs of your vehicle, we have the skills, tools, and expertise to take care of the job the right way!

Affordable Auto Glass Replacement Rates

Not only can you call on us to get high quality windshield work, but you can rest easy knowing we offer affordable and competitive rates that won’t bust your budget!

Phoenix Windshield Replacement Services

Tuesday, September 27th, 2016
windshieldreplacementphoenixThere’s nothing more important to us than making sure our customers are as safe as possible when on the road. When cracks are appearing across the front or rear windshield, don’t take chances with the safety of yourself and your family. Call the Phoenix windshield replacement specialists you can trust to do the job fast and right every single time: call Glass Tek.
There’s never an excuse to be ducking and weaving your head around a large crack right through your field of vision. This is never a safe idea, and it drastically increases the chances of accident. You are also more likely to be seen as being liable if you hit someone because of the possible limited visibility.
Our Professionals Can Handle it All
Our experienced and courteous professionals know how to handle any windshield related problem. Whether it’s sealing a tiny nick while that is still possible, examining a windshield for any potential weak spots or hidden damage, or fully replacing either the front windshield or the back windshield, we are glad to handle it and to get you back on the road!
Offering the Full Range of Services:
– Maintenance
– Safety checks
– Repair of mild nicks
– Replacement of front windshield
– Replacement of back windshield
Don’t Let Small Issues Become Big Ones!
Anyone who has lived in Phoenix for any amount of time knows how the sand can kick up during a storm. If you have small cracks or nicks in your windshield then getting sand in there can keep grinding away at the damage and make it worse. That can make a tiny crack become a large one crawling across the entire windshield.
We are happy to handle all of your vehicle’s windshield problems and we will have you back on the road driving safely and seeing clearly!T

Pick Premium Auto Glass And A Certified Installer

Thursday, November 12th, 2015

Phoenix windshield replacement Choose to pay for the cheap auto glass, and a future road accident requiring windshield replacement can result in a more costly bill. Another possibility is that replacing auto glass with inferior material can result in serious bodily harm or even death. If a vehicle owner chooses the most inexpensive windshield replacement option, an accident can cause the auto glass to explode, resulting in a fatality easily prevented by choosing more expensive material.

Choose an Expert Installer for Windshield Replacement

Auto glass installed by an expert can prevent serious bodily injury because the windshield is more likely to stabilize within its proper place. Otherwise, drivers risk injuring themselves and passengers because auto glass installed by  amateurs can become loose, resulting in collapsed roofs.

Replace Auto Glass with Windshield Material Made by the Vehicle Manufacturer

While it is always tempting to pay less money for any item, do not take a chance with auto glass. Use the best material for a needed windshield replacement project, and hire a certified installer. An amateur installer may not know about the most recent installation techniques. However, a consumer who hires a certified installer is paying money for a safe and superior windshield replacement job.

The Tesla Model X – High End Glass With High Expectations

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015

tesla-motors-inc-model-x-suv-reveal-1The Tesla Model X and electric crossover are certainly getting a ton of attention from the public. The company has posted an online configurator for this car, which is where you can learn about all of its various features.

Through this, we have learned that the auto glass on the vehicle is incredibly thick, solid and large. It is known as Tiramisu Glass, because of how it has seven layer characteristics. It surely is going to cause the Tesla Model X to be really expensive. You definitely would not ever want to break it because of the expense for replacing or repairing the window glass. Even a crack may mean a high cost at the shop to fix it.

The windshield glass has been deemed the largest kind of glass ever to be placed on an automobile. Tesla is sure to face heavy criticism if the auto glass does not hold up well for customers. They will have to contend with many angry customers for their mistake if the glass cracks or breaks easily.

The car is set to be released onto the market sometime in 2016. We know that people are full of anticipation to see this stunning, revolutionary vehicle in person.