Infinity auto glass replacementInfinity Insurance customers not only get Glas Tek’s nationwide warranty on all Infinity windshield replacement work, but they also get Infinity’s own separate lifetime guarantee. The reason why there are two guarantees is because of Glas Tek’s selection as one of Infinity’s “Preferred” auto glass shops. Not everybody gets onto the Preferred list.

The only way that Glas Tek makes it onto that list and stays there is to work with Infinity on a whole range of issues– including quality of glass used, how the product gets installed in the vehicle and, above all, pricing, In short, Infinity pre-negotiates the best possible price for the highest quality materials and workmanship. Only then does an auto glass provider get to claim the coveted Preferred shop designation.

In practical terms, this means that there is a lot less administrative maneuvering necessary to get your Infinity claim handled by Glas Tek. The terms have already been agreed upon– and the underlying fact of those terms is that an Infinity customer will never pay a single penny out-of-pocket at Glas Tek. Couple that with the double lifetime guarantee from both Infinity and Glas Tek and the Infinity windshield replacement process becomes a quick, safe, and no-cost proposition.

Better still, this Preferred shop partnership means that the only major effort you have to carry out in this transaction is to call Infinity to report the claim, and this can be done right from the Glas Tek shop. We can help you in fully understanding the Infinity auto glass claims process and be on conference call with you in order to assist you in getting your claim filed and approved promptly. In most cases, the claim is approved and an authorization for work to proceed comes at the same time. This means that you can hang up the phone and watch Glas Tek get right to work. Instead of taking days, Glas Tek helps you distill the paperwork delay factor down to a matter of minutes and gets you back on the road in the shortest time possible.