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Maricopa windshield replacement

Glas Tek is a proud Maricopa windshield replacement and auto glass repair mobile service provider. We offer free auto glass replacement quotes online, $50 CASH BACK (on the spot), 10%Rewards, free rock chip repairs, lifetime nationwide guarantee, and discount auto glass prices. Plus, we provide free mobile Maricopa windshield replacement and auto glass repairs to your home or business.

Windshields are made of glass, so they can break easily. When hit by a solid object at high velocity, a windshield can easily crack. Whatever the cause of cracks and chips on the windscreen, getting emergency repairs is necessary. This is because chips and cracks may obstruct your vision while driving the car. In fact, windshield problems are to blame for a significant number of auto accidents. We can repair your windshield if it is not seriously damaged, or replace it completely if it is severely damaged. Maricopa residents and passers-by can count on us to provide them with the best auto glass repair and windshield replacement services in the Arizona.


 Maricopa Windshield Replacement Quotes & Claims

Glas Tek is a Phoenix, AZ, based  glass repair company that specializes in auto glass repairs and windshield replacement. We have been in business for nearly a decade, but our lady-owner has over 22 years of experience in the industry. We serve the entire Phoenix metropolitan area, including Maricopa County. We are a BBB-accredited business with the highest rating possible. We take pride in the fact that we are owned and operated by locals.Glas Tek is a full-service Maricopa windshield replacement company. We have highly qualified auto experts who can inspect your windshield to determine the best course of action. Not all damaged windshields need to be replaced. Our technicians have what it takes to decide whether to replace or repair to ensure you get the best results. We make insurance claims fast and easy and provide Maricopa windshield replacement claims online. After filling your auto glass replacement insurance claim online and we will contact your insurer and start the claim process. This means less stress and hassle for you. We have a professional relationship with dozens of major auto insurers, including; Geico, USAA, State Farm, Allstate, Safeco, Progressive and many others. In fact, we are their preferred partner for Maricopa windshield replacement and auto glass repair services. Plus, if you carry the full glass coverage on your comprehensive insurance policy we will bring you $50 CASH ON THE SPOT. Yes, that is correct, we will pay you to have you windshield replaced. No worries, we honor all insurance contract pricing and we are a preferred Maricopa windshield replacement shop for most major insurance carries. Which means, that they will back our nationwide lifetime warranty. Just another reason to use Glas Tek to do the work for you.


Maricopa Windshield Replacement & Repair Insurance Claims

Learn More about $50 Cash Back

There are many reasons to choose us for your car windshield replacement or repair. For one, we offer a $50 reward to clients who give us the chance to take care of all their auto glass repair and replacement needs. Secondly, we have experienced technicians who will get the job done accordingly and within the shortest time possible. Thirdly, we offer a nationwide lifetime warranty. Fourthly, we process auto glass-related claims on your behalf. Our prices (labor and parts included) are competitive and few companies in the state can match or beat our quotes. Get a free instant Maricopa auto glass repair quote today! It’s fast, easy, free, instant and there is never any obligations. Additionally, you will get free rock chip repairs with any installed windshield. So, if you pickup a rock chip after your windshield has been installed, give us a call and we will come back to Maricopa to repair it for free! Yes, our windshield can actually pay for its self in the long run.