MetLife “Approved” Windshield Replacement & Auto Glass

MetLife auto glass repair

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If you have MetLife Insurance, don’t worry – Glas Tek has been improved as one of MetLife’s preferred auto glass repair and windshield replacement shops. That means that not only will your MetLife windshield replacement claim be approved to be worked on by the shop, but that the insurance company will stand behind the work. This is actually a double guarantee, as Glas Tek also provides a guarantee for our work – a rare chance for you to feel doubly safe with the work done on your car. With this in mind, Glas Tek should be the first stop for any MetLife policy holder that needs windshield replacement or auto glass repair work done.

MetLife Windshield Replacement and Auto Glass Repair Claims

MetLife utilizes a third-party policy administrator (TPA) permission to file claims concerning auto glass repair and windshield replacements on their behalf. Since Glas Tek is a preferred participant of the company’s insurance program, this means that MetLife guarantees all the work carried out by Glas Tek. In addition to this, Glas Tek will also make sure that you’ll only play MetLife’s contract pricing – no overages or out-of-pocket expenditures necessary on your part. You’ll even get up to one hundred and fifty dollars back in cash for your MetLife windshield replacement claim just for bringing it to us!

Filing a Metlife windshield replacement claim is as easy as going online. In fact, MetLife now requires its customers to go online if they wish to file an auto glass claim of any sort, and Glas Tek can help you through that process. Glas Tek will gladly connect you with the TPA to make sure you can file your claims – while MetLife doesn’t own the company,  Glas Tek is an approved partner for replacement work on MetLife’s behalf and thus works closely with the TPA.

In order to make sure that your claim is processed as easily as possible, you’ll just have to answer a few simple questions. You’ll be asked these questions by a representative from SGC, and it should only require a fifteen minute phone call on your behalf to get everything done. You’ll be told some brief legal information (including the fact that the call is monitored), and will be allowed by Arizona state law to choose your auto glass installer. Once you’re done, Glas Tek can get to work.

MetLife Windshield Replacement Questions

Metlife will ask you the following questions during your call:

1) Do you already have a claim number for this incident? Have you made a report about this claim before? (You’ll generally answer NO to this one, as your initial consultation with your agent doesn’t constitute a claim).

2) Has any work be done on the vehicle? (Again, typically NO).

3) Can [the agent] have the correct spelling of your first and last name?

4) Can [the agent] have your telephone number, including the area code?

5) Do you have another phone number at which you can be reached?

6) Are there any other phone numbers you would like to add?

7) Is there an email address to which we can send information about your claim?

8) Can you provide us with your MetLife policy number?

9) When did the damage to your windshield/auto glass occur? When did you first discover the damage? (Remember, you’ll need the exact day and date of the damage to proceed with the claim. If you don’t know the date, just make sure that your estimate of when it happened occurred during your coverage period).

10) What is your policy’s zip code?

11) Do you know what caused the damage to your windshield?

12) Was there any other damage done to the car? Was there anything stolen, or was there any damage? (Make sure to answer this, as this may help pay off your deductible more quickly).

13) What address is used on your policy?

14) What is the make, model, and year of your vehicle?

15) How large would you estimate the damage to your vehicle to be? Is it bigger or smaller than a dollar? (Your answer to this question will determine whether a chip repair is authorized or a windshield replacement will be authorized).

16) The representative will then confirm that you are covered and let you know your deductible amount.

17) The company will then verify the name of the shop where the work will be done.

18) Once you’ve verified the name, MetLife will verify that it stands behind the work done at GlasTek and that Glas Tek will give you a written warranty.

19) The company will then give Glas Tek an authorization number and a referral number for billing purposes.

20) The representative will ask if you have any questions.

Once you’ve finished with this portion of the call, you’ll be informed that MetLife appreciates your business. Now you’ll be able to make an appointment with your Glas Tek representative and get ready to have your windshield problems dealt with.

MetLife Insurance

It’s important to remember that not all insurance companies are created equally. If you’re looking to work with a company that looks out for you, MetLife is probably your best choice. You’ll not only get exceptional service when you have problems, but you’ll also get a chance to work with professionals who really care about your claims.
From reasonable rates to great discounts, MetLife will make your driving experience a little bit safer and less expensive. It’s a great idea to always be on the lookout for new discounts, and more information is usually only a phone call away. With excellent customer service and a long history of excellence, you’ll be sure to be taken care of when you work with MetLife.

Remember, it’s always best to get repairs done when you have an insurance company that is willing to stand behind you. MetLife handles its claims quickly and professionally, making sure that its customers always feel confident with the work that has been done. When you have auto glass problems, the last thing you should worry about is whether your insurance company will actually pay for the promised work to be done.