Here are the general questions that your insurance company representative may ask to open an auto glass repair or replacement claim:

What is the person’s name on the policy?

The individual named on the insurance card. Most insurance providers will only accept the auto glass repair claim from the person named on the policy.

Was anyone hurt because of this breakage?

If the the answer is yes, it will fall under your comprehensive deductible and not under your auto glass replacement endorsement and you may need to pay a deductible.

What was the date of the loss?

Your insurance provider is unable to choose this date. If you do not remember the precise date, choose a date when you suspect the damage could have happened, like when you first saw it, or the day the break spread. Make sure you had coverage on this date.  In addition, If you choose a date over 6 months ago they may have to archive your files to make sure that you had coverage on that date. This could delay your claim.

What is your insurance policy number?

Please be aware that several insurance providers have different policy numbers for each car.

Was there any more damage besides auto glass?

Please be aware if there is body damage or stolen items: You may have to pay your comprehensive deductible, if the answer is yes. If you do have additional damage besides auto glass, be sure to decide if the damage is under or over you comprehensive deductible amount. If the repair costs will be under that cost, you may NOT want to claim any additional damage if you carry the auto glass replacement endorsement. Typically, if you carry full glass coverage and you have a $500 comprehensive deductible and you are claiming other damage besides auto glass, your insurance company will make you pay for the auto glass repair and the damage up to your $500 deductible before they pay any additional costs.

In what state did the auto glass breakage occur?

Typically, the answer is Arizona.



Glas Tek is not only approved by your insurance company but is also a preferred auto glass repair provider in Arizona for most major carriers. We accept all insurance contract pricing and provide a nationwide lifetime warranty for your complete satisfaction and security. What this means is that there will never be any extra out-of-pocket expenses for your insurance company, or for you. We accept all major insurance companies including;  State Farm, Allstate, Farmers, Liberty Mutual, Hartford, Nationwide, Allied, Travelers, Progressive, Esurance, Geico, American Family, USAA, AAA, Safeco, AIG, and many many others.


Which piece of glass on the automobile received the damage?

Was it the windshield, vent glass, door glass, back glass or quarter glass? (Front, back, rear, drivers, passenger, top, bottom?)

Was there an auto glass repair claim filed with your insurance provider?

If you only talked to your agent and no claim number was issued, the answer is no.

Is the broken area on the windshield bigger than a dollar bill?

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Random Inspections:

Please note; that several insurance providers require random windshield inspections before authorization can be given to the auto glass repair shop. These random inspections are to determine if the windshield can be repaired versus replaced or if the windshield is broken at all. Insurance companies that are noted to participate in this practice include; Geico.


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