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Safe Auto windshield replacement and auto glass repair has never been easier then with Glas Tek. Glas Tek will help file your Safe Auto windshield replacement claim and answer all of your questions and concerns before the claim gets started. We know how intimidating filing an insurance claim can be and want our customers to feel comfortable during the process. Glas Tek is an approved Safe Auto windshield replacement shop and is backed by Safe Auto’s nationwide lifetime warranty. Plus, Glas Tek carries their own nationwide lifetime guarantee so that you can be confident that you made the right choice.

Safe Auto Windshield Replacement Claim Process

Anybody who has ever driven a vehicle knows that at some point in time, you are going to need a windshield replaced and there is nobody better than a State Auto windshield replacement. The first thing anybody must do when a windshield replacement becomes necessary is to go to a Safe Auto approved glass auto repair shop. A third party administrator (TPA) by Safe Auto, will be authorized to file claims for windshield repair and replacement. The best participant in the program to get your windshield fixed is a great company called Glas Tek, in fact they are a preferred participant by Safe Auto themselves.

A great reason to go with Glas Tek is because they will honor the contract pricing put out by Safe Auto, so you will not have to pay any out of pocket payments in any shape, way or form. Even better than not having to pay out of pocket expenses with Glas Tek is that you can receive a fifty dollar cash back with any Safe Auto windshield replacement insurance claim. There is an important thing to keep in mind when making a windshield replacement claim with Safe Auto from Phoenix, Arizona and that is that you must make your claim while on the phone. This will ensure both a speedier process from all sides and to ensure that the situation is handled with the utmost care.

Glas Tek will ensure that the over the phone process goes even better because they will help you with a direct conference call to the TPA to start the whole claim process, which again will make things even easier for you. Once all of the paperwork, claims and over the phone stuff is done, than the folks at Glas Tek will receive authorization to do the work and your windshield can get replaced or repaired. You may be wondering to yourself when you are making the claim call as to what kind of questions the Safe Auto authorized representative will be asking you.

That is a great question, because you will have to provide such information like name, address, date of birth, vehicle type, insurance policy number, date the windshield became damaged, other potential vehicle damage, the person driving when the windshield damage had occurred, a description of the actual windshield damage, the state or location where the windshield damage happened, your e-mail address, a referral number and that will be it. With just a few quick questions, your damaged windshield can soon be worked on by the best in the business as Glas Tek.

Once your time with your Safe Auto representative is complete, then your insurance company must work hand in hand with the folks who are repairing your broken windshield. Safe Auto will then have to speak to somebody from Glas Tek, so that they can verify your insurance coverage, verify that it will be Glas Tek doing the windshield replacement work and then a referral number will be given to Glas Tek as well.

Glas Tek, teaming with Safe Auto, will not only ensure that all the work you need to get your damaged windshield repaired an/or replaced will be done, but it will be done in the matter that tells you that the job was done correctly and by the best people in the business.