Safeco auto glass replacement Safeco customers in Arizona can take advantage of Glas Tek’s position as a Safeco preferred windshield replacement and auto glass repair provider. What this means to the Safeco customer who has a windshield damage claim that necessitates either replacement or repair is that they can handle the entire process right from our office.

There is no need to worry about finding a shop that can do the job for what the insurance company is willing to pay. Safeco and Glas Tek have already reached a fixed contractual understanding, which means that no Safeco auto glass customer will ever need to worry about out-of-pocket costs for either replacement or repair.

Not only do Safeco windshield replacement customers get an excellent job that is backed up by Safeco’s own guarantee as well as the one provided by Glas Tek, but they also receive an additional $50.00 in cash paid directly to them by Glas Tek.

The easiest way to get this process started is to call Glas Tek directly. They can answer all of your questions about the process of making a windshield repair or replacement claim. After that, a conference call is set up between you, Glas Tek, and the Safeco designated service provider SGC (who handles all windshield and auto glass matters for Safeco).

Because SGC is a subsidiary of Safelite Auto Glass, they will attempt to steer your business to their own parent operation, but you are not obliged to consent to this.

In Arizona, you have the legal right to select whichever service provider you want to work on your car. Since Glas Tek is a Safeco preferred repair shop and uses only those procedures and materials that meet or exceed Safeco company standards, you are assured that you will receive the same quality of job available anywhere else– plus you will get Glas Tek’s own $50.00 rebate on the spot. Using another auto glass provider will get you the same quality at the same price that Safeco has contracted to pay out regardless of who does the work, but not the Glas Tek rebate.