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Peoria windshield replacement

Glas Tek is proud Peoria windshield replacement and auto glass repair mobile service company. We offer auto glass prices online, $50 Cash Back, free rock chip repairs, lifetime car windshield warranty, discount auto glass, and free mobile to Peoria homes and businesses. In addition, we work closely with all insurance companies and are a preferred Peoria windshield replacement provider for Allstate, Geico, Farmers, Liberty Mutual, and Progressive. Visit our auto glass replacement insurance page or our insurance FAQ’s page for more information on the online claim process.


Peoria Windshield Replacement Benefits

Here at Glas Tek, we visit the beautiful city of Peoria every single day, working hard to ensure that everyone has vehicles that are safe, secure and reliable. Have you been driving around with a windshield that is cracked, scratched or broken? You must know that the risk just isn’t worth it. In fact, it’s been shown that windshields that are not up to par can lead to:

– Reduced visibility on the road.
– A greater risk of getting in an accident.
– Distractions while you’re behind the wheel.
– Decreased performance from your vehicle.
– And even tickets and heavy fines when the damage breaks local laws and regulation.

Don’t risk it any longer. For a windshield replacement or any auto glass repair in Peoria, AZ please get in touch with us today, and we’d love to help you out. Hundreds of Peoria residents can attest that we do a tremendous job, that we work quickly and efficiently, and that we stand behind all of our work.


Peoria Windshield Replacement and Auto Glass Quotes or Claims

Learn More about $50 Cash Back

Visit Peoria windshield replacement online prices are free, instant, and require no obligation. We have the lowest prices in the Peoria area and we come to you free of charge. We can perform the work on-site at your home or business and the work only takes about an hour. If you will be taking your replacement or repair through your insurance; we can help with that as well. We are accepted by all major insurance companies including Safeco, Safe Auto, State Farm, Commonwealth, Alliance, Encompass, and Austin Mutual. We offer online Peoria auto glass repair claims that make filing a claim fast and easy! Additionally, if you carry the auto glass replacement endorsement with a zero deductible on your insurance policy; we will bring you $50 CASH at the time of service. We are a preferred Peoria windshield replacement & auto glass repair shop for most major insurance companies and they will even back out nationwide lifetime warranty. That means we accept there contract pricing so you will NEVER have any additional out of pocket costs.


Advanced Auto Glass Safety Concerns

Many people think having a cracked window isn’t that big of a deal, and they put off getting it fixed. The reality is that cracks tend to spiderweb and expand when they’re ignored, so the damage can grow much worse in a hurry. This is especially true in the winter because the temperature changes – as you turn on your heat on the way to work – cause the glass to expand and contract, spreading the cracks just a little bit more each time.

When cracks get bad enough, it becomes nearly impossible to see. Plus, the windshield is a strong support in a rollover accident, and the damage to your car – not to mention the injuries you could suffer – could be much worse if your windshield is not fully intact. Don’t make the mistake of thinking a small chip or crack doesn’t matter; get auto glass repair work done or have a windshield replacement carried out before things get any worse.


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We pride ourselves on our top-notch customer service, on our incredibly well-trained technicians, and on our unbeatable response times. We’ll have your car looking and operating as good as new in no time. If you’re interested in auto glass repair in Peoria, please contact us today; our friendly customers service reps are standing by at 623-476-8002, or you can check out our site at


Interesting Facts about Peoria, Arizona

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The beautiful and prosperous city of Peoria, is absolutely great for the social life there is always something to do and see in this do great city. The popular magazine Money Magazine listed the awesome city of Peoria as the “Top 100 places to Live.” Peoria is located primarily in Maricopa County and is a major suburb in Phoenix. The population of the city is 142,024 residents, this calculation was done in the year of 2006. This great city is the ninth largest city in the state of Arizona according to population. Peoria was actually named after Illinois’s Peoria, and is the home of the popular Seattle Mariners and the San Diego Padres both who share the Peoria Sports Complex.