Windshield Repair faq

Here is everything you can possibly want to know about
windshield repair services offered here at Glastek.

What is a car windshield repair?

This is a process of filling the crack or break in the windshield with a clear resin in order to prevent the window from cracking or breaking more so as to avoid needing a total replacement of the windshield later.

Can the windshield repair be redone if I do not like how it looks?

Once the resin has been inserted into the glass and hardened, there is no way to redo it. Often the results depend on the size and type of damage to your car windshield and the amount of time between the occurrences of the damage and when it is brought in for repair. The sooner you have the glass repaired, the better the chances of the results looking better.

Could something go wrong during the windshield repair that would damage my windshield further?

There is always that possibility. Because applied pressure on the windshield is required there is always the chance it could cause the crack to spread. The technician doing the windshield repair should be able to recognize damage that may be at a higher risk for this to happen. He should discuss the risks involved before starting the windshield repair. If your glass already has veins running from it, it will more than likely spread whether the pressure is applied or not. But, taking the chance and having it repaired is a better first choice than going directly to installing an entire new glass unless the cracks running through it are drastic.

What sort of time frame are we looking at for the windshield repair work to get done?

You should be in and out in less than a half hour. For multiple cracks and chips it will take a little longer.

Can I do anything that would assist the success of the windshield repair?

Keep the windshield dirt-free if possible and get it repaired right away.

If it is raining can I still have my windshield repaired?

 No. It is necessary for the glass to be moisture-free. Except during monsoon season this is normally not a problem in Arizona.

How is a windshield repair accomplished?

 Windshields are actually made with three layers of thickness. There is a vinyl sheet layered between two glass sheets. When a rock is thrown up at the windshield, it normally just the outside glass layer that is marred. To prevent a small break or chip from spreading, a technician totally cleans all debris from the area around the chip, inserts a resin solution, and sometimes heats it in order for it to spread and fill in the damaged area. This does a relatively good job of filling up the hole or spreading along the crack lines. The damaged area may still be slightly visible, but the main objective of the repair is to prevent further spreading of the cracked area.

Will the damage totally disappear after being repaired?

Not completely. You will still be able to see where the point of impact occurred, but it will be very slight. If someone does not look closely, they probably would not see it. This fix is basically to prevent the crack from spreading and later requiring a new windshield which would be more costly.

Is Glas Tek the only place that has this risk during a windshield repair?

Definitely not! Every auto glass shop has the same risks. Unfortunately, many try to hide this possibility until after the repair has failed.

Is there a guarantee on this type of windshield repair job?

Definitely! There will be no charge from Glas Tek for any failed repairs. If the repair is successful but later runs further from the impact point later, we will replace the windshield and adjust the cost accordingly.

Can I take my automobile to the car wash after a completed windshield repair job?

Yes. After the resin is fully cured, which only takes a matter of minutes, the car can be washed.

If a rock hits my glass, is there anything to prevent it from spreading?

 About the only ways to prevent further spreading is to avoid bumps and severe temperature changes. That not only means outside temperature, but also the inside. Avoid using air conditioning and heat if the crack is already spreading. Bring it in for the windshield repair as soon as you can.

Can my car windshield just be repaired instead of being replaced?

Windshield chip repairs can be accomplished very successfully if the impact area is no larger than a quarter or the crack is shorter than about 3 three inches.

Do insurance companies cover the windshield repair costs?

Most companies would rather waive the deductible and have the glass repaired rather than have it replaced since the cost is considerably less for a repair. Therefore, if you carry a comprehensive insurance policy regardless if you have a glass waiver or glass endorsement on your policy, most insurance companies will cover the full cost of the repair. So, if you have comprehensive coverage with a $500 deductible and your windshield is in repairable condition (up to 3 inches with insurance) than your insurance company will waive your deductible if the repair is successful. State Farm is the only insurance company (now) that requires you to have the glass waiver or endorsement on your policy for them to cover the cost of the windshield repair.

Will my windshield continue to spread after it is repaired?

No. The purpose of the repair is to halt any further spreading of damage. However, if it did, we would credit the cost of the repair towards a new windshield replacement. In addition, Glas Tek offers the most competitive low-cost windshield replacement prices in the industry.


If I do not want to have it charged against my insurance, how much would the windshield repair work cost?

The repair for one crack or chip is $49.95. For any additional problems on the same glass the cost is $10.00 each.


What do you charge for your mobile service?

The mobile service does not have any additional charges.



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