Esurance Auto Glass Claims With Glas Tek

Esurance auto glass replacementClaims for Esurance windshield replacement can be filed with Glas Tek. Glas Tek is an approved provider for Esurance auto glass and windshield repairs. As an Esurance certified program member, Glas Tek adheres to all the strict price guidelines given by Esurance. This ensures that no unexpected out-of-pocket expenses arise.

Esurance policy holders are required to file claims directly with an agent. Glas Tek will make a three party conference call with you and your insurance agent. They will assist you in filing this claim and all calls will be required to monitor and ensure the quality and knowledge of the Glas Tek staff. During the call the insurance agent will ask several detailed questions about the policy, policy holder, vehicle needing repair, and the details of the incident that caused the Esurance auto glass claim.The call will take approximately 15 minutes and at the end of the call the agent will give Glas Tek representative a referral number and approval to start repairs on the claim.

In the event of a chip, Esurance windshield replacement policy will cover this repair as well. If you have a comprehensive insurance policy the deductible will be waived for windshield chip repair. In addition to waiving the deductible, all the cost incurred for the repair will be covered by this policy.

The efficacy of chip repair is not guaranteed. Typically, most chip repairs will eliminate 80% of the visible damage. Unfortunately this can vary greatly. The variance is due to several factors like the severity of the chip, the size and location of the chip, as well as the length of time that has passed since the chip has occurred. All of these factors greatly influence the effectiveness and length of time the repair will last. Glas Tek is equipped and authorized to handle all Esurance windshield replacement claims.

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