Allstate Windshield Replacement Is A Breeze

Allstate auto glass replacementCarrying out Allstate windshield replacement is an easy process when you use Glas Tek. As a member of the preferred Allstate auto glass repair insurance program, Glas Tek is authorized to assist you in making your claim and to complete the repair. Get the work done at the shop or request a mobile appointment. A repair shop representative will help you complete the online claim required by Allstate.

All repairs and replacements are backed with a double guarantee. One from Glas Tek and the other from Allstate as the shop is a preferred program member. Chip repairs are also covered if you have full comprehensive coverage. Allstate will waive your deductible for chip repair and, with the proper policy, if you are not pleased with the work they will replace the windshield for free. The success with chip repair is contingent on many factors. The size, place, and age of the chip are all factors that contribute to the level of success for this repair.

You can rest assured that you will not incur extra unexpected costs. As a preferred member, Glas Tek is held to the strict pricing contract in place by Allstate. In the state of Arizona no fault claims, such as Allstate auto glass repairs, will not cause your premium to rise.

There are several additional benefits to be had with an Allstate insurance policy. Programs like Safe Discount Bonus, Accident Forgiveness, and New Car Replacement are exceptional benefits not offered by other insurance companies.

It is easy to file a claim, for an Allstate auto glass repair or an Allstate windshield replacement, with Glas Tek. The work is backed with a double guarantee. Total replacements or repairs can be conducted at the shop or on location with a mobile unit. The experienced and knowledgeable team will assist you through the entire process from claim to repair.

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