Ahwatukee Windshield Replacement & Auto Glass Repairs

Ahwatukee windshield replacement

Ahwatukee windshield replacement and auto glass repairs have never been easier in Arizona. Whether you got behind a semi-truck that kicked up a rock on a cross-country trip, or had a Ahwatukee neighborhood kid accidentally throw a baseball through your windshield; having a damaged or broken windshield can be annoying, and downright dangerous.  Driving around with a windshield that needs replaced or fixed can lead to additional damage, or even an accident or a citation.  At Glas Tek we know that it is not always convenient and cheap to get your windshield fixed or replaced.  However, we strive to make this process as simple as possible, while keeping it within your budget.  We offer services within the Phoenix and Ahwatukee areas.  Our competitive pricing and free rock chip repairs keep our customers coming back and referring us to others.

We are a preferred Ahwatukee windshield replacement provider for many of the large auto insurance companies, including Progressive, USAA, Farmers, American Family, Geico, Allstate, and Liberty Mutual.  Plus, if you carry the $0 deductible auto glass endorsement on your policy, we will bring you $50 Cash Today!  We can also work with other insurance providers.  Being a preferred provider means that we honor and work with your insurance company to make your claim easy on you.  It also means that your insurance company will stand behind our nationwide lifetime warranty.  Additionally, we are locally owned and operated with over 23 years of experience in the auto glass replacement industry.


Ahwatukee windshield replacement cash back

We make auto glass repair simple and easy for you with our online auto glass quotes.  Complete some information on our website in only a few minutes to learn how much your glass repair or replacement might cost you.  With any windshield replacement you earn 10 percent rewards that can be used on any future purchases with us.
When it comes to auto glass repairs and replacements, you have nothing to lose with Glas Tek.  Your satisfaction and safety are our top priorities.  Call us today or browse our website to learn more.


Ahwatukee Windshield Replacement & Auto Glass Repairs

Glas Tek is an Ahwatukee windshield replacement and auto glass repair company that prides themselves on their world-class customer service and the absolute best value. We serve all customers with unsurpassed high quality windshield replacements and yes we even come to you, the residents of Ahwatukee Arizona. We serve all over the valley every single day, and we have some of the most skilled glass technicians out there, who have at least five years in the business of Ahwatukee windshield replacement. So who are you going to trust with your safety, in a rollover accident the windshield is about the only thing that is keeping you protected from the roof coming in. So just remember safety comes first, and when it comes to safety, value, and service your best bet is Glas Tek.

To set up an appointment by one of our knowledgeable associates or for more information on our high quality services please call us at 480-219-8859. Our representatives are friendly and knowledgeable in the industry and can answer all of your auto glass replacement or insurance claim questions and can set you up your free mobile appointment, today. All of our services are insurance approved and can be no cost to you. You can also visit us at our website www.glastek.com. Thank you so much for your interest and we hope to hear from you soon.


Interesting Facts about Ahwatukee, Arizona (85044, 85048)

Ahwatukee is located North of Baseline Road with   the Gila River Indian Community to the South and the I-10 to the East.   It is near some interesting Arizona cities such as Phoenix, Tempe and Chandler. The current population is just under 90,000 and it continues to grow at a rapid rate.  The city has a very interesting past that was recorded by Marty Gibson.  You can find out more facts by reading “The History of Ahwatukee.”  See what contributions and changes it has been through over the last century.

Ahwatukee is a neighboring city of Phoenix Arizona. It’s located North of Baseline Road and South Mountain Park, on the East side by Interstate 10 and the cities Tempe, Chandler and Guadalupe. It has a large population that continues to grow larger year by year, and as of now has a population of 85,000. It’s also surrounded northwest near South Mountain Park, it’s blocked South by the Gila River Indian Community and the east by the I-10. It’s often considered The World’s Largest Cud-de-sac because of it’s few access points which could someday be changed if the South Mountain Freeway is built along the southern edge along Pecos Road. If that where to happen the freeway could provide a tuck bypass by downtown Phoenix and connect the west valley cities of Glendale, Avondale and Laveen to Ahwatukee. This all would take place but the whole thing is presently under review because of its high cost and environmental impact.

Also something that some people find interesting is that in 1921 Dr. and Mrs. W.V.B Ames once built a house on the southeast side of South Mountain. Casa De Suenos was the original name for the area given by the two people, the means “House of Dreams.” Three months of moving into the house Dr. Ames died and after Mrs. Ames’ death which occurred in 1933 the house and most of the land was given to St. Luke’s Hospital, then later bought in 1935 by a Miss Helen Brinton. She then re-translate the name of the house to the “Crow” which now serves as the name of the village. In 1979 the house was demolished and the remaining parts were used to build Our Lady of Guadalupe church. The first book ever written about Ahwatukee was written by Marty Gibson and it was titled “The History of Ahwatukee.”