Will My Insurance Cover Cracked Windshields?

auto glass insurance PhoenixWhen auto glass cracks, it is a hassle. One chip may spread, eventually cracking the whole window. It is important to get it fixed as soon as possible. Insurance may cover the damage, although it is best to check your policy, to confirm your insurance companies’ policy on glass.
When your windshield cracks, the first question in your mind may be, how much will it cost to repair? Always try to repair your existing window, instead of replacing the whole pane of glass. Although, it is often necessary to replace the entire windshield, depending upon, size, type and position of the damage. The price is factored into whether your existing window needs replacing, or can be repaired. If you carry windshield insurance, then most often it will be free, and most likely it will not affect the no claims bonus. If your existing window needs to be replaced, then it will usually be covered by your insurance. It probably will not affect your claims bonus, although you will end up paying the insurance excess. That will be stated in the details of your policy.
If your insurance policy does not cover glass repair, then the glass company can give you an estimate. If the entire window needs replacing, then the cost depends on the type of window that needs to be replaced.
How can you tell if the window needs to be repaired or replaced? To repair a chip, the size of the chip can be no bigger than a coin. The chip must be located more than 3 centimeters from the edges of the windshield. Finally, if the chip is located within the driver’s line of vision, then the chip must not be more than 10 millimeters across.

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