When To Replace Or Repair Auto Glass

Auto Windshield Replacement CarEvery driver will experience a cracked or chipped windshield at some point in their driving career. While it may seem like only a minor annoyance, the fact is that the windshield of your vehicle does far more than keep the bugs out of your teeth. Many cracks or chips can obstruct the view of the driver, making driving unsafe. Other chips will draw the attention of the driver and cause them to take their eyes off of the road. This is why you should have a chip or crack fixed as soon as possible.

Auto Glass: To Replace or Repair?

The main question when you are seeking to fix a cracked windshield is whether to replace or repair the glass. Most auto glass shops will opt to repair a crack or chip, as long as it is not directly in front of the driver. They will use a clear resin that is dropped into the crack and then cured with an ultra-violet light. The clear resin will then cure and the crack will be almost longer be visible to the human eye. Most cracks or chips can be effectively fixed in this manner. This method can fix small cracks as well as larger spider web style cracks. If an actual hole is formed in the windshield or the crack has traveled too far, your best bet is windshield replacement.

Safety Concerns

What most drivers do not realize is that the windshield is a very important safety feature of the vehicle. The windshield serves as a vital structural element of the vehicle and can be responsible for protecting you and your family during an accident. In fact, many windshields will be responsible for more than 70% of the rollover protection of the vehicle in case of a major accident. If the glass is cracked or chipped, it will not be able to offer the needed protection. This can put you and your family at risk of injury or even death.

If you opt to have the glass fixed rather than replaced, be certain to ask and view a safe drive-away chart. This chart will let you know how long the urethane will take to cure before it can offer you full protection. High quality fixes will cure in as little as one hour. This means that you can drive away after the fix and be fully protected. Some shops will try and cut corners by using less effective fixes. These adhesives will take up to one full week to cure. Make certain that a top-quality fix is used or opt for windshield replacement for your broken auto glass.

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