USAA Auto Glass And Windshield Replacement: Working With The Best!

USAA windsield replacementAs the famous adage goes, accidents happen. So it isn’t unusual for auto glass to get shattered, cracked or blemished, in fact, it’s actually the norm rather than the exception. At USAA auto glass we are specialists when it comes to helping our valued clients to successfully file claims for windshield replacement and auto glass repairs. We are the favored brand for a reason, having been approved and certified to handle auto claims by respected certification agencies. Partnering with repair shops such as Glas Tek, our primary objective is to provide reasonably priced contracts that don’t go beyond your expectations.

Get Straight To The Point

We like to be hasty in our dealings with clients, so getting to the root cause of any problem is our number one priority. It’s for this reason that we appreciate any co-operation from a client in furnishing certain details, such as: the make, model and year of manufacture of your vehicle. This is a useful aid in the repair or replacement process as this tells us key information about the general properties of your windshield. Yes, it may happen that it may have been replaced before. But from experience, the lifespan of your windshield depends on using the car manufacturer’s preferred choice. When it comes to perfection, we deliver.

It’s All About Integrity

Not only do our services come tagged with a lifetime warranty for inherent defects and poor workmanship, but they are approved nationwide. Insured by the best, Glass Tek is serviced by a bunch of insurers nationwide, like Geico, Ensurance, Met-Life, Travelers, American Express, Allstate, Hartford, to name a few.

The Automobile Association of America (USAA) has been providing their invaluable services for almost a century. This is testament to the professional work they do, as wine certainly gets better with age. Working with Glas Tek and its USAA windshield replacement backers is the best decision you’ll ever make, call us today.

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