Top Tips For Choosing A Windshield Replacement Company

The time will come when you need a windshield replacement and choosing an auto glass company with a good history is the way to go. Many consumers request quotes and then base their decision on who is offering the lowest price. refer to the following list of tips to help you choose the company that is going to best suit your needs.

Quality Materials

Make sure that the company you are choosing uses quality glass products. Windshield glass plays an important part in the airbag system of a vehicle. When you are looking for a company to fit your windshield, you should pay close attention to the type of adhesive and glass that they use.

The Processes Used

You will need your windshield to be replaced quickly, but make sure that the company you choose to use meets the safety standards required. In order to make sure your family is safe, the company needs to meet the standards that the Auto Glass Safety Council has put in place. As sad as it may be, many glass shops tend to focus on price and not so much on safety. If a windshield is not installed in the correct manner, the airbags might push the windshield out, resulting in a rather dangerous situation for you and your family.

Claims Processes

Some of the time you can claim for windshield replacement and if you have comprehensive insurance cover you may even qualify for a $50 CASH AT TIME of service. Should you have a deductible, your only expense will be the deductible costs less $50. A lot of insurance companies will actually waive the deductibles if a windshield can be fixed rather than replaced.

Doing Your Bit to Save the Environment

By repairing and not replacing your windshield, you are helping the environment. Glass takes over 1 million years to decompose. Repairing your windshield will not only save you money, it will also help preserve our environment.

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