The Tesla Model X – High End Glass With High Expectations

tesla-motors-inc-model-x-suv-reveal-1The Tesla Model X and electric crossover are certainly getting a ton of attention from the public. The company has posted an online configurator for this car, which is where you can learn about all of its various features.

Through this, we have learned that the auto glass on the vehicle is incredibly thick, solid and large. It is known as Tiramisu Glass, because of how it has seven layer characteristics. It surely is going to cause the Tesla Model X to be really expensive. You definitely would not ever want to break it because of the expense for replacing or repairing the window glass. Even a crack may mean a high cost at the shop to fix it.

The windshield glass has been deemed the largest kind of glass ever to be placed on an automobile. Tesla is sure to face heavy criticism if the auto glass does not hold up well for customers. They will have to contend with many angry customers for their mistake if the glass cracks or breaks easily.

The car is set to be released onto the market sometime in 2016. We know that people are full of anticipation to see this stunning, revolutionary vehicle in person.

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