The Hartford Windshield Replacement and Auto Glass Claims

Hartford auto glass repair


Glas Tek, a Hartford-approved auto shop based in Arizona, is able to offer you replacement and repair services of your car’s windshield and auto glass respectively. At Glas Tek, we offer flexible pricing packages in reflection to Hartford’s requirements. This means that you should not worry about spending much on your car.

Currently, we are listed on Harford’s most-preferred car service shop. There is so much that you can gain from us. For example, we pay you a cash figure of $50 if you can avail a valid Hartford Windshield replacement proof. You also get this money on the spot.

Hartford also supports our regional lifetime warranty program. For this reason, you can rest assured that you have chosen the right car service shop. It’s also important to know that filling a Hartford auto glass repair or windshield replacement claim does not result in an increase in the premiums that you pay each month.

How to File a Claim for Repair or Replacement

Normally, Hartford employs an independent third party, SGC, to handle the insurance claims. However, Glas Tek has a contract agreement with Hartford that allows the former to handle all windshield replacements alongside auto glass repair services for Arizona clients.

We have served the Arizona community for close to a decade, and we are able to bill the service fee to Hartford as per the contract guidelines. This means that we save you and your insurance company from paying extra fees resulting from the repairs and replacements.


In addition to the advantages attached to our service in relation to Hartford, the insurance company offers other beneficial clauses. This includes towing and labor costs. For more information about Hartford auto glass repair or windshield replacement, you can visit the company’s website. You can also visit Glas Tek site to get further information about our service.

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