The Future Ain’t Quite Now But It’s Closer

Auto Glass Replacement PhoenixThey say that the future of auto glass insurance claims is digital, but a recent report from JD Power suggests that the future might not be here just yet. According to the 2017 US Auto Claims Satisfaction Study, drivers have not rushed to embrace new digital claims processing technology as rapidly as it was first assumed they would.

Not surprisingly, older motorists are less inclined to use any of the new digital claims reporting technology, but even so-called Gen Y drivers have relatively low rates of app usage. While digital methodology usage increases in inverse proportion to the age of the driver, all cadres combined only provide approximately 16% of the First Notification of Loss reports through digital means. The figure has been inching upwards year-by-year, but that level of adoption was expected to be much higher by now and thus produce much greater savings from an administrative standpoint.

Although initial claims reporting remains stuck in the mid-teens and satisfaction is relatively low, the same does not hold true for all facets of digital insurance claims handling. Higher levels of both usage and satisfaction are found in later parts of the claims adjustment process. Customers seem particularly appreciative of digital notifications and damage photo submission as their claim moves forward. The low level of enthusiasm towards the initial reporting of claims may perhaps be found in the always-tedious process of digital authentication of the caller’s presumed identity.

Once a claim is in fact authenticated, digital procedures seem to be working smoothly and customers seem both appreciative of, and able to navigate, the various proprietary methods used by the various companies. In that regard, technological progress continues to inch forward into our daily lives and will, no doubt, one day become ubiquitous.

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