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Geico Insurance In Hot Water

Wednesday, October 14th, 2015

Geico Insurance ArizonaThat cute little lizard seems to have gotten himself in some hot water. Recently the California Department of Insurance announced that Geico insurance is on the hook for $6 million in a settlement over discriminatory auto-insurance pricing.

The insurance company was apparently distorting the minimum auto policy of $15,000 per person and $30,000 per automobile accident to customers the company considered less desirable. Instead of the actual minimum policy rates, Geico quoted certain customers with figures as high as $100,000 per per person and a jaw-dropping $300,000 per potential auto accident. According to the California Department of Insurance—this was the lowest quote for undesirable potential customers. Unsurprisingly, these steep quotes—which instantly created sticker shock–encouraged customers to look elsewhere for insurance policies.

According to research conducted by the Consumer Federation of California who tested Geico’s website, the insurer systematically quoted significantly higher rates for any potential customer who was unmarried, had a low-paying job, unemployed, or did not hold a Bachelor’s degree from a reputable higher education institution. Gaps in insurance coverage also resulted in sky-high rates.

Geico denied the claims, but will change is business practices as per the settlement. If the company fails to do so in three years they could be fines another $6 million.

Bizarre Road Mishap Causes Auto Glass Breakage

Monday, August 10th, 2015

Strange things can happen on road when you least expect it. This is what a woman in Kerang found out when she herself was involved in bizarre circumstances. She was driving along the Kerang-Koondrook Road when a hard object suddenly slammed against her windshield. It was a stretch that allowed a speed limit of 100km per hour so the impact was pretty hard. The windshield broke to pieces hurting the driver in the process.

The freak accident is still a puzzle to everyone from the woman to the police officers who investigated the scene. The object that caused injuries turned out to be a farmer’s rake. There is no clear conclusion as to how it got on the road at that exact moment. Some theories suggest that it may have fallen off from another vehicle onto the windshield. Another theory says that the rake has been lying on the road when it was flicked up after the car passed by.

Pinpointing the exact cause of the accident would have made insurance claims easier to process. Fortunately, the broken auto glass only caused minor cuts. The 50-year old woman was able to leave the hospital right away after receiving medical treatment.

Latest Major Causes Of Insured Auto Glass Damage

Friday, August 7th, 2015

windshield damageA top auto insurance company recently reported nationwide increases in windshield and other auto glass claims. A spokesman for the insurer highlighted severe weather, construction work and road conditions as frequent causes of damage. These problems have become especially common in two eastern states.

In 2014, Pennsylvania’s annual claims went up by almost 7,200. The insurance company has already received about 20,000 requests for glass-related compensation during 2015. Large hail stones are one major cause of these claims. Over 12,500 cars in the Keystone State suffered hail damage during 2014. This statistic exceeded the previous year’s figure by nearly 12 times.

Road work, hailstorms and potholes often contribute to windshield damage in nearby Virginia. Construction vehicles frequently carry gravel and stones on highways in the Richmond area. These rocks sometimes fall and strike other vehicles. Hail is breaking automotive windows at increasing rates in Virginia as well. Related insurance claims more than quadrupled during 2014.

Motorists can use these facts to adjust their driving habits in ways that prevent auto glass breakage. It makes sense to remain a considerable distance behind dump trucks when possible. Drivers should also slow down on roads with potholes and attempt to park their vehicles inside garages when forecasters predict hail.

A Quick Look At Farmers Insurance Auto Coverage Products

Wednesday, August 5th, 2015

Insurance PolicyIf you are planning or have bought a car, consider purchasing coverage from Farmers Insurance. It is one of the leading insurers in the US with more than 50,000 agents. In addition, Farmers is a reputable company that has been in operation since 1928. Here is a quick look at Farmers Insurance auto coverage products:

Coverage Options

This insurer offers a wide range of auto coverage products. To start with, you can purchase coverage for your regular car, van, or truck. If you have an off-road vehicle such as a dune buggy or dirt bike, you can get coverage for it as well. For avid campers with motorhomes and RVs, Farmers has this base covered too. You can also get coverage for a travel trailer or fifth wheel. In general, you can get coverage for your vehicle whether you use it recreationally or to commute to work.

Why Choose Farmers Insurance?

Unlike some insurers, Farmers allows customization of auto insurance policies. This is because some consumers have unique insurance needs that a one-size-fits-all policy cannot address adequately. As such, you can tailor your auto policy to be applicable in the event your car is damaged in an at-fault accident. Another benefit is access to Farmers’ Circle of Dependability program, which allows one to choose a reliable and trusted auto repair facility. A third benefit is eligibility for numerous discounts including multi-car, alternative fuel, teen driver, antitheft and loyalty discounts.

Farmers also offers windshield replacement and auto glass repair insurance coverage on comprehensive policies with a low-cost premium in  many states including Arizona. This means that you can buy coverage just for your cars windshield, door glass, quarter glass, back glass for a low monthly payments and pay no deductible at time of service. Plus, it is considered a no-fault claim on your policy, therefore it will not cause your insurance rate to rise.

Driving without auto insurance is a criminal offense that could land you in jail. To avoid such an outcome, purchase coverage for your car from like Farmers Insurance. You will enjoy benefits like numerous discounts and access to trustworthy auto repair facilities. If you live in a “deductible free” state like Arizona that offers auto glass coverage at a low-cost premium you should definitely consider adding it.

Arizona is not the only auto glass “deductible free” state

Monday, August 3rd, 2015

Arizona insurance windshield replacementBroken, chipped and cracked windshields are the bane of many motorists. If the windsheild, rear window, sunroof or side windows on your car is harmed by anything apart from a collision, you will probably pay for it with comprehensive insurance. The states mentioned below have insurance legislation that addresses auto glass repair or replacement:

In Arizona, you can buy a separate windshield waiver or endorsement, when you buy car insurance. This applies throughout the state, in areas such as Peoria, Avondale, Tempe, Scottsdale, Flagstaff, Chandler, Glendale, Gilbert, Surprise, Phoenix, Mesa and Tucson. Motorists who have such waivers or endorsements do not have to pay their full deductibles, when they get their windshield or auto glass part replaced.

Massachusetts is often referred to as a ‘deductible free’ state, however this is somewhat of a misconception. Whether you reside in New Bedford, Brockton or Cambridge, the decision you make when buying your car insurance will determine whether you receive a complimentary windshield replacement included in your policy. Massachusetts residents can buy comprehensive policies with complimentary windshield replacement and repair, or policies with $100 auto glass deductibles.

In Florida, insurance firms are legally required to waive deductibles on windshield replacement claims. However, they do not have to do this for other types of auto glass. Kentucky is another ‘deductible free’ state, as far as auto glass and windshield replacement goes.

Insurance firms in New York can provide policies with no deductibles for replacing auto glass. The same goes for South Carolina, which is known as another ‘deductible free’ state for claims relating to auto glass and windshield replacement. Whether you reside in Charleston, Columbia, Rock Hill, North Charleston, Summerville, Sumter or Greenville (or any other area of South Carolina), if you damage your windshield and have comprehensive car insurance, you are probably eligible for a complimentary windshield replacement.

Phoenix Auto Glass Insurance Options

Wednesday, July 1st, 2015

Phoenix Auto Glass CoveragePhoenix Arizona requires that all automobiles in the state are covered by car insurance. Failure to carry this insurance can lead to a driver’s license suspension or even the suspension of your vehicle’s registration. To avoid this, you can get auto insurance in Phoenix Arizona quite easily by going online.

It is important to remember that if you are moving to Phoenix Arizona, your old car insurance may not be acceptable. Phoenix, AZ has requirements for auto insurance that might be a bit higher than those found in other states, so you need to make sure that you call your insurance company as quickly as possible after moving to find out if your coverage is still adequate. In Phoenix Arizona, you must have:

–  Coverage for bodily image liability in the amount of at least $15,000 per person and $30,000 per accident.
–  A minimum of $10,000 in Property Damage Liability Coverage
–  Uninsured motorist insurance in the amount of $15,000 per person and $30,000 per accident

Even with these minimums, you might still want more coverage. You should always speak to your insurance representative to find out the best coverage for your lifestyle.

Finally, it’s important to remember that there is a safety auto glass replacement coverage option in Phoenix Arizona. If your insurance policy has a comprehensive deductible, you can get your auto glass replaced without having to pay out of pocket. This covers not only your windshield, but also your door glass, back glass, vent glass, quarter glass, and several other auto glass replacement materials on your car. For more information about auto insurance coverage, call your Phoenix Arizona agent today. Visit our Phoenix auto glass replacement insurance program for more information about filing an auto glass replacement insurance claim.