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How Does State Farm Insurance Handle Windshield Replacements?

Monday, November 9th, 2015

Auto Glass InsuranceA large number of motorists opt for State Farm Insurance for coverage. Of course, the company’s auto insurance provides coverage that’s comparable to most insurers. Each insurance provider tends to differ on auto glass and windshield replacements, though. Policyholders might be confused as to whether State Farm covers these replacements and when.

Does State Farm cover auto glass and windshield damage?

For the most part, the company does cover repairs and replacements for auto glass. Coverage is automatic for certain situations, and claims must be filed for others. A deductible is required based upon a policyholder’s plan. However, no deductible is charged for certain incidents. State laws can then have an impact on this entire situation, too.

Collision and Comprehensive Coverage Claims

If a motorist is involved in an accident, then he or she may file a claim under collision coverage. In this case, that policyholder will pay the deductible. All covered damage to the vehicle, including damaged auto glass and windshields, will then be repaired. The average deductible for policyholders under collision coverage is $500 at the moment.

Under comprehensive coverage, auto glass is sometimes covered with no deductible required. Policyholders will have to refer to the specifics of their own plan. Laws exist in some states that make auto glass repairs and replacements free.

Filing A Separate Claim For Auto Glass And Windshields

Many State Farm insurance policies allow policyholders to submit claims for damages to auto glass. For instance, damage occurring outside of an accident, like an errant rock, is covered under these separate claims. The deductible sometimes exceeds the cost of repairs, so motorists should consider paying for repairs or replacements out-of-pocket in that case.

State Farm Insurance: More Coverage Than The Competition

When it comes to auto glass repairs and replacements, State Farm offers more coverage than many insurance providers. In the end, policyholders need to read the fine print on their coverage plans to avoid problems. Each policy covers windshield replacement under some circumstances, but not all situations are covered in the most cost-effective manner possible.

C.R. Lawrence Sold For $1.3 Billion

Friday, October 30th, 2015

oldcastle-logoC.R. Lawrence (CRL) has just been acquired by Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope (OBE) for a total consideration of $1.3 billion. Completion of the purchase is expected in early September, 2015. The distributor of glazing products and custom hardware for the glass and glazing industry was acquired debt-free, which sounds like a bargain for a premier manufacturer and distributor with an ISO 9001:2008 certification. Some of CRL’s auto glass products are also used in insurance covered window replacements.
CRL, which has been in business for over four decades, manufactures and distributes auto glass for vans and trucks as well as sunroofs, sliders and accessories for the auto industry. OBE’s parent company, CRH Group, is expected to use existing financial resources to finance the purchase.

CRL has 28 service centers and 8 engineering/manufacturing centers across the United States and North America. The company also has 6 additional operations in Germany, Denmark, UK and Australia. The company has previously produced custom windows for major manufacturers, including: Ford, General Motors, John Deere, Toyota, Nissan, Ram, Navistar, Bombadier, Peterbilt and Freightliner among others.

Apple Car Windshield May Offer Heads Up Information

Tuesday, October 13th, 2015

A vehicle windshield that operates somewhat like the technology used some aeroplane windshields which displays information in the driver’s line of sight right on the screen may be in the works from Apple if rumors about the new Apple Car are true.

According to communication sent out by the managing director of Global Equities Research, the self-driving Apple car reportedly under development will include the heads-up technology that will allow vehicle information to be displayed directly on the auto glass. This type of technology is considered safer because drivers don’t have to look down to view it, and could ostensibly lower insurance rates if it becomes a standard feature of new vehicles.
Driver gestures would reportedly control the screen, which could be as wide as 50 inches.

Speculation about the Apple self-driving car heightened recently after the Guardian newspaper in the United Kingdom obtained documents through a governmental freedom of information request that showed Apple has considered hiring a testing grounds developed solely for autonomous cars. In addition, media reports indicate the Apple has aggressively sought out and hired smart engineers from a variety of industries. Some tech industry watchers have called this move a deliberate red herring, saying that there is nothing inherently new in the technology Apple wants to offer.

Minnesota And Safelite Reach Partial Truce

Friday, October 9th, 2015

auto insurance repair trustSafelite Solutions and Safelite Group recently withdrew their motion for a preliminary injunction against a state statute that specifically kept Safelite from conducting business in Minnesota without a hearing.

The lawsuit stems from a settlement reached between the Minnesota Department of Commerce and Auto Club Group that imposed a penalty of $150,000 on the group and forced them to stop using Safelite Solutions or any subsidiary of Safelite Group to administer Minnesota auto glass claims. Safelite filed for a preliminary injunction because they were not notified in time to argue the finding. As a result, they could no longer do business in Minnesota.

They have now reached a partial agreement with the state’s insurance commissioner. However, they reserve the right to refile for the injunction if they are not satisfied with how the settlement is conducted. The Minnesota Supreme Court did refuse to review the original decision, so Safelite took their case to the U.S. District Court.

For the time being, Safelite has a partial truce with the state and will be monitoring how well the settlement deal works for the company. If they deem it necessary, the company will resume its legal action against the state in order to keep their business interests in Minnesota healthy.

Geico And Allstate To Raise Premiums

Wednesday, October 7th, 2015

Phoenix windshield replacement insurance claimsTwo of the largest auto insurance providers in the United States are set to raise premiums for policyholders.

Famous for their advertisements that state the company saves customers 15% in 15 minutes, Geico has said it is raising auto premiums following disappointing underwriting results in the first quarter of 2015. Geico’s underwriting profit for that period was $160 million down from $353 million from the same period in 2014.The company also reported more claims and claims that were more severe in several major coverage areas, with its loss ratio increasing to 80.1 as opposed to 75.8 in 2014.

Premiums written by Geico underwriters totaled $5,886 in the first quarter of 2015, an increase of 10.2%. A the same time, losses and lost adjustment expenses increased 16.6%, while underwriting expenses jumped 9.5%. SNL Financial has stated that Geico is the biggest spender out of any American property and casualty insurer, paying $1.18 billion in 2013 for advertising.Geico Insurance Arizona

Even though it experienced a 13% increase in first quarter profits, Allstate the largest publicly traded auto and home insurer in the United States has indicated it will also raise auto premiums. Allstate’s underwriting income from its auto division fell 48% during the first quarter to $144 million. Tom Wilson, Allstate CEO, indicated that accidents have increased because economic activity has increased with the improving economy. Premium hikes planned for late 2015 have been implemented earlier.

According to SNL, Geico is the second largest vehicle insurer in the United States behind State Farm. In 2013, Geico had approximately 10.4% of the market share, a figure that company executives believe has grown to 10.8%.

During 2014, Geico reported writing premiums worth approximately $21 billion, a figure 9.8% higher than the previous year. Its loss ratio for 2014 was 77.7, while underwriting expenses increased to $3.4 billion.

Bizarre Road Mishap Causes Auto Glass Breakage

Monday, August 10th, 2015

Strange things can happen on road when you least expect it. This is what a woman in Kerang found out when she herself was involved in bizarre circumstances. She was driving along the Kerang-Koondrook Road when a hard object suddenly slammed against her windshield. It was a stretch that allowed a speed limit of 100km per hour so the impact was pretty hard. The windshield broke to pieces hurting the driver in the process.

The freak accident is still a puzzle to everyone from the woman to the police officers who investigated the scene. The object that caused injuries turned out to be a farmer’s rake. There is no clear conclusion as to how it got on the road at that exact moment. Some theories suggest that it may have fallen off from another vehicle onto the windshield. Another theory says that the rake has been lying on the road when it was flicked up after the car passed by.

Pinpointing the exact cause of the accident would have made insurance claims easier to process. Fortunately, the broken auto glass only caused minor cuts. The 50-year old woman was able to leave the hospital right away after receiving medical treatment.

Latest Major Causes Of Insured Auto Glass Damage

Friday, August 7th, 2015

windshield damageA top auto insurance company recently reported nationwide increases in windshield and other auto glass claims. A spokesman for the insurer highlighted severe weather, construction work and road conditions as frequent causes of damage. These problems have become especially common in two eastern states.

In 2014, Pennsylvania’s annual claims went up by almost 7,200. The insurance company has already received about 20,000 requests for glass-related compensation during 2015. Large hail stones are one major cause of these claims. Over 12,500 cars in the Keystone State suffered hail damage during 2014. This statistic exceeded the previous year’s figure by nearly 12 times.

Road work, hailstorms and potholes often contribute to windshield damage in nearby Virginia. Construction vehicles frequently carry gravel and stones on highways in the Richmond area. These rocks sometimes fall and strike other vehicles. Hail is breaking automotive windows at increasing rates in Virginia as well. Related insurance claims more than quadrupled during 2014.

Motorists can use these facts to adjust their driving habits in ways that prevent auto glass breakage. It makes sense to remain a considerable distance behind dump trucks when possible. Drivers should also slow down on roads with potholes and attempt to park their vehicles inside garages when forecasters predict hail.

A Quick Look At Farmers Insurance Auto Coverage Products

Wednesday, August 5th, 2015

Insurance PolicyIf you are planning or have bought a car, consider purchasing coverage from Farmers Insurance. It is one of the leading insurers in the US with more than 50,000 agents. In addition, Farmers is a reputable company that has been in operation since 1928. Here is a quick look at Farmers Insurance auto coverage products:

Coverage Options

This insurer offers a wide range of auto coverage products. To start with, you can purchase coverage for your regular car, van, or truck. If you have an off-road vehicle such as a dune buggy or dirt bike, you can get coverage for it as well. For avid campers with motorhomes and RVs, Farmers has this base covered too. You can also get coverage for a travel trailer or fifth wheel. In general, you can get coverage for your vehicle whether you use it recreationally or to commute to work.

Why Choose Farmers Insurance?

Unlike some insurers, Farmers allows customization of auto insurance policies. This is because some consumers have unique insurance needs that a one-size-fits-all policy cannot address adequately. As such, you can tailor your auto policy to be applicable in the event your car is damaged in an at-fault accident. Another benefit is access to Farmers’ Circle of Dependability program, which allows one to choose a reliable and trusted auto repair facility. A third benefit is eligibility for numerous discounts including multi-car, alternative fuel, teen driver, antitheft and loyalty discounts.

Farmers also offers windshield replacement and auto glass repair insurance coverage on comprehensive policies with a low-cost premium in  many states including Arizona. This means that you can buy coverage just for your cars windshield, door glass, quarter glass, back glass for a low monthly payments and pay no deductible at time of service. Plus, it is considered a no-fault claim on your policy, therefore it will not cause your insurance rate to rise.

Driving without auto insurance is a criminal offense that could land you in jail. To avoid such an outcome, purchase coverage for your car from like Farmers Insurance. You will enjoy benefits like numerous discounts and access to trustworthy auto repair facilities. If you live in a “deductible free” state like Arizona that offers auto glass coverage at a low-cost premium you should definitely consider adding it.

The Importance Of Keeping Your Auto Glass In Top Condition

Monday, November 24th, 2014

Many people take auto glass for granted. Its purpose seems so simple, after all: it lets you look out without wind and rain getting in, just like any other window. However, appearances can be deceptive. In fact, the glass in your windshield is often intended to do far more than function merely as a window. A car is made up of many different components, but they all work together in harmony to produce a single design, and the windshield factors into this in a big way. Not only does the windshield keep you protected from wind and rain, but it also keeps you safe in an accident.

Windshield Safety

Early windshields were installed to keep the wind and bugs out of your face. While this worked, it did not recognize the importance of the structure of the vehicle and the large area that it needs to protect in an accident. Ordinary glass tends to shatter into extremely dangerous shards, and combining it with a high-speed collision is a recipe for disaster. Furthermore, windshields were installed using gaskets (rubber seals)  to hold the glass to the body of the vehicle. No modern glass company sells this sort of windshield any more for precisely this reason. Instead, modern designs are intended to avoid shattering dangerously and now use a urethane (glue) to better hold the glass to the body keeping you safer in a collision or roll-over accident.

Structural Support

It’s hard for many people to imagine a pane of glass being used as a structural member, but this practice is common in everything from skyscrapers to smartphones. Many modern phones have very little strength or stiffness without the glass in the display. Your car is similar. The windshield is expected to provide a significant degree of support for the roof in the case of a roll-over accident.


It is obvious that auto glass is a really important part of your car. More significantly, it must be in top condition in order to fulfill its intended role. If the glass has been cracked or chipped, it is far more likely to give way at an inopportune moment. It is important to consider that a damaged windshield replacement may result in your car being far safer overall. A good glass company may be able to repair minor damage to your glass, but in more severe cases it is very important to replace the entire pane for maximum safety.

Auto Glass: Repair Now Or Replace Later

Monday, November 10th, 2014

When something goes wrong with your car, there is usually a large cost involved. This can be daunting. Very often, when someone knows that a part really needs replacing, they will put it off later than they should simply because they know how expensive it will be. Thankfully, in the case of auto glass, this need not be the case. Your windshield is actually one of the few parts that can often be repaired quite easily so long as it has only received minor damage. Glass and windshields replacement services may not be needed in many cases, which allows you to save a lot of money.

Repair Or Replacement?

Different kinds of damage to a windshield can have different consequences. If a pane of auto glass has been totally smashed or deeply cracked, it is most likely that a total replacement will be necessary. However, this kind of severe damage is actually quite uncommon. Typically, the windshield will have been subtly damaged a long time before it cracks or breaks. All windshields are composed of two panes separated by an inner layer of plastic. Typically, if both the crack is larger than the size of a credit card it will need to be replaced. Surface cracks which affect only the outer layer and are smaller than then a credit card in size can be repaired quite easily.

Quality Repairs

A good automobile glass company can repair minor windshield damage in less than half an hour. The process typically consists of using a clear resin to fill in the chip and cement the surrounding area in place. When this has been successfully applied, the windshield is no longer likely to crack further at the same place. A pane that is no longer compromised in this way will be far less dangerous. It is important to recognize the importance of fixing the problem quickly. If the chip or crack is allowed to spread, you may not have the chance to repair the glass anymore. It may require a full replacement.

Don’t Miss The Opportunity

Auto glass is one of the few components of your car that can be repaired without the need for a total replacement. However, this is only true if you catch the problem early. If your windshield has suffered a chip or a crack, get it seen to as quickly as possible. Glass and windshields replacement experts should consider the type of glass and the severity of the damage before treating it, but the whole process rarely takes longer than thirty minutes. That minor investment will save you far more time and money further down the road.