Safe Auto Windshield Replacement and Auto Glass Claims in Arizona

Safe Auto windshield replacementGlas Tek simplifies the process of safe auto windshield replacement. We will assist you in making your insurance claim, and address any worries you have prior to starting. We understand that filing a replacement claim can be daunting, so we do everything possible to reassure customers from the outset. The Glas Tek windshield replacement shop offers a lifetime guarantee, and we give $50 in cash to all policyholders when their claims are approved.

Experienced drivers know that their windshields will need replacing at some stage. If you begin to notice problems with your windshield, you should call a Safe Auto approved windshield replacement shop such as Glas Tek. SGC (Safelite Solutions), which serves as an independent administrator for Safe Auto, is approved to handle windshield replacement and auto glass repair claims. Glas Tek is an invaluable participant in the process to fix your windshield, because we will honor Safe Auto’s contract pricing. This means that you will avoid any additional out of pocket expenses.

It is best to make your claim by telephone, so that it gets processed as quickly as possible. Glas Tek will facilitate your telephone claim even further, by arranging a conference call with SGC directly to set the wheels in motion. After the relevant documents are complete, Glas Tek will be authorized to carry out the work – then your windscreen will get fixed or replaced.

Please note, to make a claim, you will need to provide your name, date of birth, home address, car type, date the damage occurred, email address and insurance policy details. Also, you will have to say who the driver was when the accident happened, where it happened and describe the nature of the damage.

Once this is done, the professionals at Glas Tek can get to work and make your windshield look as good as new.

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