Progressive Approved Windshield Replacement & Auto Glass

Progressive auto glassWindshield replacement has never been easier thanks to Progressive’s streamlined process and Glas Tek’s considerable assistance. Claims are now quick, easy, and stress-free. Glas Tek provides auto glass services to the residents of Phoenix, Arizona. All services are guaranteed and no out-of-pocket expenses are necessary thanks to Progressive insurance. Those with full glass coverage will even receive $50 cash when service is rendered.

Progressive Windshield Replacement Claim Process

Note that the insurance provider requires claims to be processed via telephone. Their representative will get all the facts and verify the claim. The process usually takes 15 minutes to complete. It may be recorded for quality control. Glas Tek can help set up a conference call and start the repair or replacement once authorization has been given.

The Progressive agent will ask a number of questions including the date, cause, and extent of the damage. The client’s policy number, address, date of birth, email, and other pertinent information will also be verified. They will then check the policy coverage and deductible. If everything is in order, then they will move on to confirm the service glass shop of choice’s inclusion in their system. Glas Tek is among the Progressive auto glass companies so there should be no worries.

The agent will give a 6-digit referral number that Glas Tek will then use for billing Progressive windshield replacement. The appointment can then be set at a convenient time. A cash gift of $50 will also be presented to holders of full glass coverage.

Progressive’s Unique Approach to Insurance

The insurance provider is upfront about their pricing in relation to competitors. All potential clients are briefed about the cost of their policy as well as that of other companies. The honest information allows everyone to make intelligent decisions. Potential clients may move to a more cost-effective competitor while Progressive may tweak their rates and services to keep people interested.

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