Latest Major Causes Of Insured Auto Glass Damage

windshield damageA top auto insurance company recently reported nationwide increases in windshield and other auto glass claims. A spokesman for the insurer highlighted severe weather, construction work and road conditions as frequent causes of damage. These problems have become especially common in two eastern states.

In 2014, Pennsylvania’s annual claims went up by almost 7,200. The insurance company has already received about 20,000 requests for glass-related compensation during 2015. Large hail stones are one major cause of these claims. Over 12,500 cars in the Keystone State suffered hail damage during 2014. This statistic exceeded the previous year’s figure by nearly 12 times.

Road work, hailstorms and potholes often contribute to windshield damage in nearby Virginia. Construction vehicles frequently carry gravel and stones on highways in the Richmond area. These rocks sometimes fall and strike other vehicles. Hail is breaking automotive windows at increasing rates in Virginia as well. Related insurance claims more than quadrupled during 2014.

Motorists can use these facts to adjust their driving habits in ways that prevent auto glass breakage. It makes sense to remain a considerable distance behind dump trucks when possible. Drivers should also slow down on roads with potholes and attempt to park their vehicles inside garages when forecasters predict hail.

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