Information About Glas Tek Services

phoenix autoglassAn accident can happen at any time to anyone. That’s why you need to be prepared. Glas Tek can help you when you find yourself in a situation where your car glass has sustained damaged, such as a crack or break.

Glas Tek is an auto glass company located in Glendale, Arizona. What is so unique about this business is that it is female-owned by Lanette Canen, who has more than twenty years of experience in the auto glass repair industry. Her business specializes in auto glass repair, windshield replacement and much more.

The Glas Tek technicians can replace or repair broken car windshields or any chipped glass in your car. They work on all types of vehicles, whether big or small. They also provide a free mobile service throughout the Phoenix Metropolitan area, making them highly accessible for any incidents you run into on the road.

The company purchases autoglass from various manufacturers to install and replace them in vehicles. The two main types of autoglass they use are laminated glass and tempered glass, the tempered glass being far stronger with the benefit of a making a cleaner break in an accident. Depending on the type of glass in your windshield or car, the technicians will advise you if it can be repaired or needs to be replaced. Tempered glass generally has to be repaired if it is broken.

If your windshield only has a chip, rather than completely shattering, Glas Tek can repair this by clearing away any fragments and injecting a special resin to fill the chipped space. This resin is then cured with ultra violet light to strengthen it and stop it from cracking further. This can save you a lot of money by addressing the chip early rather than having to buy a new windshield later on.

Windshields and auto glass also comes in different shades, tints and colors, so if you have something special that you use for your vehicle, Glas Tek will try their best to accommodate your request.

If you need an auto glass repair, you can get a quote from them right on their website for ease of reference. The quote will include the cost of labor, and you will be advised if there are additional costs for extra items such as moldings or rain sensors. Glas Tek will make every effort to utilize parts from your previous windshield, if possible.

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