How Does State Farm Insurance Handle Windshield Replacements?

Auto Glass InsuranceA large number of motorists opt for State Farm Insurance for coverage. Of course, the company’s auto insurance provides coverage that’s comparable to most insurers. Each insurance provider tends to differ on auto glass and windshield replacements, though. Policyholders might be confused as to whether State Farm covers these replacements and when.

Does State Farm cover auto glass and windshield damage?

For the most part, the company does cover repairs and replacements for auto glass. Coverage is automatic for certain situations, and claims must be filed for others. A deductible is required based upon a policyholder’s plan. However, no deductible is charged for certain incidents. State laws can then have an impact on this entire situation, too.

Collision and Comprehensive Coverage Claims

If a motorist is involved in an accident, then he or she may file a claim under collision coverage. In this case, that policyholder will pay the deductible. All covered damage to the vehicle, including damaged auto glass and windshields, will then be repaired. The average deductible for policyholders under collision coverage is $500 at the moment.

Under comprehensive coverage, auto glass is sometimes covered with no deductible required. Policyholders will have to refer to the specifics of their own plan. Laws exist in some states that make auto glass repairs and replacements free.

Filing A Separate Claim For Auto Glass And Windshields

Many State Farm insurance policies allow policyholders to submit claims for damages to auto glass. For instance, damage occurring outside of an accident, like an errant rock, is covered under these separate claims. The deductible sometimes exceeds the cost of repairs, so motorists should consider paying for repairs or replacements out-of-pocket in that case.

State Farm Insurance: More Coverage Than The Competition

When it comes to auto glass repairs and replacements, State Farm offers more coverage than many insurance providers. In the end, policyholders need to read the fine print on their coverage plans to avoid problems. Each policy covers windshield replacement under some circumstances, but not all situations are covered in the most cost-effective manner possible.

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