Glendale Auto Glass Repair & Replacements

Glendale auto glass replacement

Glendale auto glass repair and replacement is fast, easy, and affordable with Glas Tek. Driving any vehicle in Glendale, Arizona means keeping the vehicle in good working order to protect yourself and others on the road.  Part of maintaining your vehicle is repairing or replacing damaged car parts as soon as possible.  Windshield replacement is needed when windshield repair is not a feasible option. Repairs are naturally the least expensive option, but they are not recommended for cracks and chips larger than the size of a credit card as the glass may be compromised with damages larger than that.


Glendale Auto Glass Repair & Replacement Prices

The cost for windshield repairs is $49.95 and can usually be completed in an 30 minutes or less.  Windshield replacement is a more complicated task and requires the purchase of the windshield itself plus the labor involved with replacing the existing windshield, discarding the old windshield and securing the new windshield to the vehicle.  The average cost to replace a windshield ranges from $100-$400 with the most common amount spent equaling $214.  Windshields for very rare vehicles could cost up to $1500. Get a free Glendale windshield replacement quote online!


Glendale Auto Glass Repair & Insurance

Comprehensive coverage is what would cover the cost of replacing a windshield.  Many Glendale insurance policyholders carry this with an auto glass

Glendale auto glass replacement cash back

endorsement allowing Glendale windshield replacement and windshield chip repairs to be free of charge. Glendale Arizona policyholders are offered this coverage through their insurance with a very low premium cost. This auto glass waiver allows windshield replacement and windshield repairs to be fully covered with a zero deductible. This means that Glendale windshield replacement will not only be free but Glas Tek will pay you $50 Cash!  That’s right, not only will it be free if you carry windshield replacement coverage but we will pay you $50 Fast Cash on the spot.  With windshield replacement costing somewhere in the neighborhood of $200, the average person with a $500 deductible for damages would not receive anything from their insurance company to cover that kind of damage.  This why it’s important to have auto glass coverage added to your insurance policy. Often time this coverage only costs an additional $5-15 per month. Making one windshield replacement a year with us covering your full premium.  However, if you do not carry full auto glass coverage in Glendale Arizona and have a comprehensive deductible that you must meet then we will waive up to $50 of that deductible. It’s that easy!

Solid auto glass with no blemishes compromising its strength and integrity provides safety to the occupants should the vehicle be involved in a collision and the occupants thrown against the glass.  That’s why it’s important to repair cracked or chipped windshield glass to keep it from losing its strength and to replace it when a repair is not feasible.  The owner of a vehicle with a damaged windshield or auto glass should take advantage of windshield replacement. It’s not a very costly or time consuming process and in no time your vehicle will be ready to drive with a brand new windshield.

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