Glas Tek Is A Preferred Nationwide Auto Glass Partner!

Nationwide windshield replacementIf you’re searching for an auto glass shop that will assist you with your Nationwide Windshield Replacement claim, contact Glas Tek today! Glas Tek is a Preferred partner of Nationwide insurance, so you know that their craftsmanship is up to the insurance company’s usual standards. They also have a positive working relationship that includes a complete payment plan, ensuring that you never need to pay for anything out of your own pocket if you’re fully covered!

Better yet, Glas Tek offers $50 cash to every customer with an approved Nationwide Auto Glass claim. If your policy has a deductible, this $50 may be used toward it. If not, you can spend the money wherever you want!

Best of all, Glas Tek will guide you through the claims process to ensure that your vehicle may be fixed as expediently as possible. Any questions you have will be handled by a professional, and you will be assisted in getting Nationwide on the phone. You will next be asked a variety of questions over your fifteen-minute phone call with Nationwide, including your policy number, the state in which the damage occurred, and the overall condition of your auto glass. If you fail to recall any of the precise details, Glas Tek can help you estimate them to the best of your ability.

If your claim gets approved, Glas Tek can service your vehicle either at your home or your place of business without any additional charge. This ensures that the auto glass repair experience is as convenient for you as possible.

Arizona is one of a minority of states that prevents insurance companies such as Nationwide from increasing your monthly premium due to an auto glass claim, so you can use your insurance without worrying about higher monthly insurance payments. Contact Glas Tek today to start your Nationwide Windshield Replacement claims process!

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