Encompass Auto Glass Repair Preferred Program Members

Encompass windsield replacementIt is easy to complete Encompass auto glass repair claims if you use Glas Tek. They are an Encompass Preferred Program member. As a member they are authorized to complete the entire process from filling the claim to completing the work. A company representative will work in tandem with you and the insurance agent to make sure your claim is being handled correctly.

Claims will be initiated by a repair shop representative in a conference call with you. The call will be routed to SGC, the third party affiliate for Encompass auto glass claims. The call is also monitored for the safety and quality assurance of the policy holder. Several detailed questions will be asked during the call. The details about the incident and the repair will comprise a portion of the questions. The rest of the question will verify details about the vehicle, policy and policy holder. The entirety of the call typically takes a total of 15 minutes. The knowledgeable representative will assist you with any problems you might have filing the claim with your agent.

Glas Tek will assist you with windshield chip repair claims, as well as Encompass windshield replacement claims. The success of chip repair depends on the size, placement and how long the chip has existed. The repair is not done for cosmetic results, but to fortify the integrity of the glass. Because of this, there will be some signs of the chip even after the repair. Most repairs will result in an 80% reduction in appearance of the chip.

Glas Tek is authorized to conduct Encompass windshield replacement and auto glass repairs. As a member of the Encompass Preferred Program, they are approved to help in the claim process as well as carry out replacement and repairs. It is a choice that is backed with a double guarantee.

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