Phoenix Windshield Replacement And Auto Glass Repair by Glas Tek

Thursday, September 28th, 2017

Is the windshield of your car damaged? Do you have zero deductible glass replacement insurance? You should call Glas Tek in Phoenix now and we will offer you the best repair service. You stand to gain cash incentives worth $50 for contacting us. If you don’t have insurance for your car, we offer low-cost auto glass repair Phoenix services, and so you shouldn’t worry about incurring high costs. Unlike other glass repair companies, our fees are flexible to ensure that you are not overcharged. What’s more, for every windshield replaced, you stand to gain a free mobile windshield hip repair. This is tantamount to $49.95 worth saving.

Why Glas Tek?

We are an accredited brand and we provide auto glass repair Phoenix services to a number of insurance firms in Arizona, such as American family, AAA, Geico, USAA, Safeco, Liberty Mutual, Farmers, Hartford, and Allstate. If you ask our insurance partners and customers, they will tell you that we have no hidden charges. As a resident of Phoenix with a comprehensive insurance policy, you shouldn’t worry about paying extra premiums. Given that the policy allows you the freedom to choose where to have the repair done, you can opt for a single windshield replacement Phoenix service from us and get $50 CASH ON THE SPOT!


Before opting for a replacement, it is wise to verify if the policy covers the deductible or it complies with zero charges factor. For the best windshield replacement Phoenix services or more information about windshield replacement, feel free to contact us.

Phoenix Auto Glass Replacement and Repair

Friday, September 15th, 2017

Glas Tek is professional windshield replacement and auto glass repair company based in Phoenix. We provide a range of services designed to keep your windshield in good shape. So don’t allow the desert heat to keep you down, we are here to attend to all your auto glass replacement and repair needs. We understand the harsh climate in Phoenix better than anyone and with the summer monsoons its easy for your windshield to get a chip. However, if it is left unattended a chip often turns ultimately a crack. Once your windshield is cracked, you are sitting with a serious problem.

Thanks to our skilled and experienced auto glass specialists, we can take care of any problem with your windshield, be it a chip or crack. Our experts try as far as possible to save and repair your windshield, however, there are times when the extent of the damage is too far gone and replacement is inevitable. Thankfully, we take care of that too. Trust us to replace your windshield quickly and professionally. This will also avoid tickets for unsafe driving.

Although our services are top notch, you can still expect to get reasonable and affordable quotes from us. So rest assured that our quotes will be competitive. Our auto glass quotes are available 24/7 and are quotes are guaranteed to be low. Our auto glass services are available to all makes and models of vehicles. We also offer $50 cash back when you file a windshield replacement insurance claim. Glas Tek auto glass specialists have been around for over 10 years, offering superior auto glass or windshield repair and replacement to people in the Phoenix area. So why not contact Glas Tek auto glass specialists today for all your windshield repair and replacement needs.

Phoenix Windshield Replacement Services

Tuesday, September 27th, 2016
windshieldreplacementphoenixThere’s nothing more important to us than making sure our customers are as safe as possible when on the road. When cracks are appearing across the front or rear windshield, don’t take chances with the safety of yourself and your family. Call the Phoenix windshield replacement specialists you can trust to do the job fast and right every single time: call Glass Tek.
There’s never an excuse to be ducking and weaving your head around a large crack right through your field of vision. This is never a safe idea, and it drastically increases the chances of accident. You are also more likely to be seen as being liable if you hit someone because of the possible limited visibility.
Our Professionals Can Handle it All
Our experienced and courteous professionals know how to handle any windshield related problem. Whether it’s sealing a tiny nick while that is still possible, examining a windshield for any potential weak spots or hidden damage, or fully replacing either the front windshield or the back windshield, we are glad to handle it and to get you back on the road!
Offering the Full Range of Services:
– Maintenance
– Safety checks
– Repair of mild nicks
– Replacement of front windshield
– Replacement of back windshield
Don’t Let Small Issues Become Big Ones!
Anyone who has lived in Phoenix for any amount of time knows how the sand can kick up during a storm. If you have small cracks or nicks in your windshield then getting sand in there can keep grinding away at the damage and make it worse. That can make a tiny crack become a large one crawling across the entire windshield.
We are happy to handle all of your vehicle’s windshield problems and we will have you back on the road driving safely and seeing clearly!T

Phoenix Windshield Replacement Services with Glas Tek

Friday, July 8th, 2016

Phoenix windshield replacementWhen you drive in a harsh environment, it’s only a matter of time until something is going to happen to your car’s windshields. Whether a breeze picks up causing nicks and chips, a crack keeps slithering across your windshield like a desert snake, or a foul baseball finds its mark, at some point you will need a specialist to take out the old and put in the new. When it comes to windshield replacement Phoenix residents know they can trust the professional specialists at Glas Tek.

Our experienced automotive specialists know how to take care of any windshield problem and we take pride in fixing things right, doing it fast, and doing it for a price that you can afford.

Your Safety Matters To Us
We never want you to drive with a damaged windshield that impairs your vision just because of early price estimates. We will give you an accurate estimate, let you know your options, and get a new windshield that gives you a 100% clear view of the road.

Offering Only The Best Service
We not only serve Phoenix, but the surrounding cities and suburbs, as well. You can call us and we will come see you for FREE, which is the same price as your estimate. We want to get you back on the road as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

You can contact us for:
– Auto glass repair
– Fixing rock chips
– Windshield examination
– Full windshield replacement

Why settle for second rate service? We take pride in offering you nothing short of the absolute best, and at an affordable price that won’t bust your budget.

There’s a reason when it comes to windshield replacement Phoenix residents turn to Glas Tek first. So call us today and see what all the positive press is about!

Make Windshield Replacement Easy With Phoenix Windshield Replacement

Tuesday, July 5th, 2016

Phoenix windshield replacementIf you find yourself in need of windshield replacement or repair in Phoenix, call on the professionals at Phoenix Windshield replacement. Able to handle all your auto glass repair needs quickly and professionally, Phoenix Windshield Replacement provides prompt, reliable service and accepts insurance claims.

Dealing with auto glass repair is usually not high on most people’s list of fun things to do, but the professionals at Phoenix Windshield Replacement make the experience hassle and pain free. Offering free mobile service and a lifetime warranty to back up their work, Phoenix Windshield Replacement will even file your insurance claims and give you fifty dollars cash at the time of service as an insurance incentive. Phoenix Windshield Replacement accepts all insurance carriers and adheres to the price structure they set, so there will never be any extra costs for you to cover out of pocket. Once your windshield in installed, any needed repair you may need is covered by your warranty. Rock chip repair work is done free of charge for clients of Phoenix Windshield Replacement, so the inevitable nicks and dings that come along with travel are no longer a troublesome expense.

If you live in the Phoenix area and need auto glass repair, go online and get a free instant quote. Available twenty-four hours a day, this helpful tool offers a free, no obligation quote with the insurance provider’s same price guarantee. Getting an online instant quote saves time and allows you to see the savings and low prices Phoenix Windshield Replacement offers when it’s convenient for you to deal with your auto glass repair needs. The website also allows you to read frequently asked questions to learn more about repair services and offers information on the process of rock chip repair work, warranty, safety and other information as well.

Auto glass repair is a task most people want to be quick, hassle and pain free. Phoenix Windshield Replacement more than exceeds those desires and goes far beyond offering exceptional service and quality work. With a dozen locations throughout the greater Phoenix area, there is a Phoenix Windshield Replacement nearby ready to serve you. Make auto glass repair a quick and painless process by trusting the experts at Phoenix Windshield Replacement with all your glass repairs. Visit them online or call the location nearest you anytime you need windshield replacement, rock chip repair or other auto glass service and repairs.

Phoenix Auto Glass Replacement Specialists

Tuesday, April 26th, 2016

Phoenix auto glass replacement specialistsAt Glas Tek, our Phoenix auto glass replacement technicians have a deserved reputation for delivering quality work at affordable prices. Whether you need your whole windshield replacing, or just a few minor chips repairing, we will pull out all the stops to exceed your expectations. Better still, you can request a Phoenix auto glass quote online on our website immediately!

Chipped windshields are a concern for causing car accidents, because they often obstruct the driver’s vision. Naturally, you want to drive safely, so it is important to hire experienced Phoenix auto glass replacement and windshield repair specialists to perform your service work. Our expert staff are trained to carry out the necessary tasks, quickly and reliably.


Contact our Phoenix Auto Glass Replacement Shop regarding:

-Auto Glass Repairs
-Windshield Replacements
-Windshield Rock Chips
-Windshield problems for all makes and types of automobiles

We offer a comprehensive service across the valley including Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale, Peoria, Gilbert, Sun City, Chandler, and Maricopa. You do not need to travel, because we will mobile to you. We realize how important a fully functional windshield is, and this is why we are one of the area’s most successful Phoenix auto glass repair shops. State Farm, Allstate, American Family, Geico, Liberty Mutual and Progressive are just some of the large insurance firms that regard us as their preferred Phoenix auto glass company. Also, our customers are eligible for $50 CASH BACK with any Phoenix windshield replacement insurance claim.


Our Phoenix Auto Glass Replacement Specialists will:

-Evaluate the extent of the damage
-Determine the most suitable repair work
-Explain the process to you
-Provide first-class service for a reasonable price

Our customers regularly tell us that the standard of our work is higher than other Phoenix windshield replacement companies. Whether you live in a suburb of Phoenix, or in the city itself, we can fulfill all your Phoenix auto glass replacement or windshield repair requirements.

We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding service at competitive prices. There’s no need to sacrifice quality workmanship to save dollars. Contact our specialists today, so we can visit you and get you back behind the wheel straightaway.

Auto Glass Repair Phoenix Shop

Friday, March 18th, 2016

Auto Glass repair Phoenix AZ

Glas Tek is the right auto glass repair Phoenix shop for your windshield replacement or repair! We make auto glass repairs in Phoenix fast, easy, and affordable. Whether you are going through your insurance or need to pay put of pocket Glas Tek will make the auto glass repair phoenix process painless. We offer free auto glass repair quotes online at low low prices. Or, you can even file your insurance auto glass replacement claim online with us! In addition, if you carry the full auto glass repair Phoenix waiver on your comprehensive policy;Glas Tek will bring you $50 CASH at the time of service. It’s that easy dong business at Glas Tek! We are an approved auto glass repair Phoenix shop for all major insurance companies including: Geico, Farmers, State Farm, Liberty Mutual, Allied, Alliance, Kemper, American Family and Nationwide. We will help you file your claim and answer all of your questions before your insurance claim is filed. No worries, auto glass repair Phoenix claim DO NOT increase your insurance premiums either. Call us today, or file your claim online, and one of our knowledgeable auto glass repair Phoenix representatives will help you through the claim process. Claims only take about 15 minutes of your time and can even be completed same day in most cases. In addition, Glas Tek will come directly to your home or business to perform the work, FREE of charge. We offer auto glass repair throughout the Phoenix market including: Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, Glendale, Peoria, Gilbert, Sun City, Goodyear, and Maricopa.


$50 CASH TODAY with insurance auto glass repair Phoenix claims

You will not have to pay anything to get the windshield of your car replaced if your comprehensive insurance policy covers it. The auto insurance law of Arizona offers policyholders an option to purchase separate auto glass repair Phoenix insurance in addition to your comprehensive policy. You have to pay a monthly premium of $5 to $15 for it. This additional coverage allows you to have a zero deductible on your insurance policy for auto glass repairs. Which means you pay nothing for your windshield replacement and Glas Tek pays you $50 CASH on the spot!  You can use the $50 cash we pay to recover your premium cost. Or, to have a nice dinner. If you have any doubts, check our auto glass insurance FAQs’ page. Here you will find answers to all your auto glass repair Phoenix insurance claim questions. Apart from this, we will need to contact your insurance company and file your claim. We will assist you in filing your auto glass repair Phoenix claim and get help get your coverage verified for you. Auto glass repair Phoenix insurance claims only take about 10-15 minutes of your time and can be completed same day in most cases.


Check our auto glass repair Phoenix rates today

Visit our website and check our auto glass repair Phoenix quote system. It is free and no obligation to you. You will be surprised by our low cost auto glass replacement quotes online. We price unlike our competitors, and base our price off our cost and not a National Auto Glass System.  These prices are inclusive of parts and labor. However, you will have to pay an additional amount if the repairing job requires additional hardware such as gaskets, clips, and moldings. Get in touch with us today and we can give you a free price quote over the phone and let you know the availability at the same time. We will inform you about additional costs, if any, once the vehicle part has been determined.


Get your Phoenix auto glass repair done quickly

Are you aware of the dangers you can face if you do not get the damaged windshield on your vehicle repaired or replaced immediately. The minor nicks and dings caused on your car’s windshield due to impact with a foreign object can impair your visibility. Left unattended, the nicks and dings will expand and become spider-web cracks and can cause a minor issue to become major. Apart from this, you will also have a larger expense to replace the windshield with a new one. This is why you should take timely action and get the windshield repaired the moment you spot any chips on it. Call Glas Tek, your auto glass repair Phoenix shop directly for a free, no obligation, auto glass replacement quote online today!


Different types of repairing procedures

Instead of hiring any company for this task, get in touch with a local auto glass repair Phoenix shop, like us. We have been in this business for over 8 years and realize the frustration and hassles associated with auto glass damage. Contact our Phoenix based experts today. They will assess the damage and offer you professional advice. On many occasions, repairing the glass will solve the problem, particularly when the chip is just on its surface. If a repair in necessary, our professionals will clear fragments from the scratched area and inject transparent resin in it. They will then cure the area with ultra violet light. This strengthens the bond and prevents the crack from expanding. The resin injection process only works when the crack is less than that of a standard size business card. Both these processes improve the visibility of the affected area up to 80%. Unfortunately, it is impossible to fix windshields damaged beyond a certain extent.


Thanks for visiting Glas Tek and we hope to hear from you soon. We truly appreciate our customers!

Auto Glass Replacement Phoenix Specialists

Monday, February 29th, 2016

Auto Glass Replacement Phoenix

When it comes to top quality service at an affordable price, you want to meet our professionals here at Glas Tek. From repairing chips and small cracks to outright windshield replacement, our auto glass replacement specialists know how to give you the best possible quality service. Plus, you can get a free online Phoenix auto glass replacement or repair quote online instantly!

The reduced visibility caused from cracked windshields is a major cause of auto accidents, and you deserve to be as safe as possible when driving. Whatever the level of damage, you can count on our experienced, professional, and talented repair specialists to get the job done fast and right the first time, every time.



Auto Glass Replacement Phoenix Services

Phoenix auto glass replacement

Call us to fix:
– Windshield Rock Chips
– Windshield Replacements
– Auto Glass Repairs
– Windshield issues for all car types and automobile makes

We provide full auto glass replacement Phoenix services throughout the entire valley. You don’t have to come to us. We understand the importance of having an undamaged windshield and that’s why we will come to you. Allstate, State Farm, Geico, American Family, Progressive, and Liberty Mutual are just a few of the many major insurance companies we are a preferred auto glass replacement Phoenix shop.  Add in our friendly and knowledgeable staff and our $50 CASH BACK to any insurance claim, and it is easy to see why we’re one of the most popular auto glass replacement Phoenix shops in the area.


Our Auto Glass Replacement Phoenix Technicians will:

– Assess the exact level of damage
– Decide on the best course of repairs
– Walk you through the process
– Offer you top-level service at affordable prices

Our customers know that when it comes to auto glass replacement, Phoenix residents won’t find better customer service or professional level work anywhere in the greater metro area. Whether you’re in the city proper or in one of the nearby suburbs, we’re here to meet all your auto glass replacement needs.

Why take the chance on getting second hand service? When you have auto glass replacement Phoenix work to be done you have every right to expect it done fast and right at a price that won’t completely bust your budget. The good news is when you call our professionals here at Glas Tek you can have all of these things.

We take pride at offering exceptional service at affordable prices. You don’t have to give up top of the line work to save a buck. Make the right choice and give our professionals a call today. We’ll get our professionals over to you and get the work done so you can get back on the road safely.

Auto Glass Replacement Phoenix AZ-$50 Cash Back

Monday, February 15th, 2016
Auto Glass Replacement Phoenix AZ

Start your Phoenix Auto Glass Replacement Quote or Claim Now!

Driving a vehicle with a chipped or cracked windshield is extremely dangerous because the cracks and chips will impair your ability to see the road. In fact, auto glass defects are among the leading causes of road crashes in the country. To enhance your safety as well as that of your family and other road users, it is important you consider Glas Tek’s auto glass replacement Phoenix if you have a damaged windshield. In that regard, Phoenix residents can count on Glas Tek for timely, affordable and reliable auto glass replacement Phoenix AZ and windshield repair services.


Glas Tek’s- Auto Glass Replacement Phoenix AZ

Glas Tek is based in Phoenix, AZ, but serves over 24 surrounding cities including; Phoenix, Peoria, Glendale, San Tan Valley, Mesa, Tempe, Goodyear, Scottsdale, Surprise, and Maricopa. This auto glass replacement Phoenix shop has been in business for nearly a decade, but the owner of the firm has over two decades worth of experience. This means we have the expertise, knowledge and experience needed to repair or replace all types of auto glass successfully.


Benefits of Working with an Auto Glass Replacement Phoenix AZ Shop

Auto Glass Replacement Phoenix Arizona Cash BAck

Learn more about $50 Fast Cash

Glas Tek has employed windshield repair and auto glass replacement Phoenix AZ specialists. These professionals normally start their work by assessing the type of damage in the client’s windshield and make a decision whether to replace or repair. Obviously, windshield replacement is more expensive than windshield repair, so you do not have to replace the windshield if the damage can be repaired. Furthermore, replacing original auto glass means you will lose the manufacturer’s seal. These experts have a lot of experience, which allows them to get the job done right the first time. All  auto glass replacement Phoenix AZ services come with a nationwide lifetime warranty. As the preferred auto glass replacement Phoenix AZ shop for all major insurers, we offer direct billing services. Some of the insurers we deal with include; Geico, AllState, USAA, Progressive, Farmers, Safeco, State Farm, Encompass, Esurance, Kemper and American Family,among others. The only thing you need to do is fill the claims form online on our website and we will handle the entire auto glass replacement Phoenix AZ claims process. Another major benefit of working with Glas Tek is that we reward you for choosing us. We give you $50 in cash for simply deciding to work with us.

Our auto glass replacement Phoenix AZ specialists will help you decide whether to repair or replace the windshield. For instance, if the crack is less than 6 inches long and you have a comprehensive auto insurance policy, our specialists will recommend windshield repairs. The entire cost of the service will be paid by most insurers and any deductible waived.  It is important to note that repairing chipped or cracked glass will not make the cracks or chips disappear, but it will prevent the damage from increasing in size.

Whether you live in Phoenix, AZ, the surrounding cities or just driving by, you may want to consider getting a quote online to find out what the service will cost. Since the quote may only be a rough estimate, our customer care representatives will call you within 10 minutes to learn more about the service you require and give you a more accurate estimate.

Windshield Replacement Phoenix $50 Fast Cash

Tuesday, January 26th, 2016

Start your Windshield Replacement Phoenix Claim Now!

In some situations, it is nice to have a $0 deductible on your comprehensive windshield replacement Phoenix insurance policy; in other situations, it is even better! We, at Glas Tek, will give you $50 in cash immediately, when you make a no fault windshield replacement Phoenix insurance claim. Therefore, if your insurance policy has a $0 deductible, you will get a free windshield replacement and make $50 in profit, when your car is serviced.


Windshield Replacement Phoenix Approved Insurance Claims


When your windshield replacement in Phoenix gets damaged, it is vital to fix the problem as fast as possible. We honor and accept all insurance contract prices, so you will never incur any extra out of pocket expenses – and neither will your insurance provider. We’re not joking! We actually give you money, and we will not upcharge your insurer at all. We are proud to participate in many windshield replacement Phoenix programs, such as State Farm, American Family, Farmers, Allstate, Hartford, Liberty Mutual, Encompass, Progressive, AAA and Geico.

It is easy to claim your $50 cash back reward. Telephone Glas Tek, or submit your windshield replacement Phoenix  claim online, then leave the rest to us!

To be eligible for the $50 cash back, policy holders need to have full glass cover on their car insurance policies. Alternatively, if your auto insurance policy has a deductible on it, we will cover up to $50 instead of paying the cash reward. Full auto glass cover is included with the majority of insurance policies in Arizona, due to the small insurance premiums. The law in Phoenix, Arizona requires insurance firms to provide comprehensive auto glass cover on comprehensive insurance plans, and insurance premiums usually only cost $5 to $10 per month. Find out more about the rules concerning this on our windshield replacement Phoenix  Insurance Frequently Asked Questions page.

Most big insurance firms hire third party glass administrators to deal with claims relating to auto glass insurance. These third party administrators have to ask numerous questions to initiate a windshield replacement or auto glass repair claim in Phoenix, Arizona. Normally, auto glass cover has to be verified, prior to the setting of an appointment. Consult our page about auto glass programs, which lists the questions that claim processing companies often ask. This way, you can prepare effectively for your interview with officials from the claim processing company.

When filing a windshield replacement Phoenix claim, the holder of the policy has to be available. Nowadays, it is no longer possible for windshield replacement stores in Phoenix to file car windshield claims, on behalf of policyholders. We assist our customers in their dealings with third party administrators from insurance companies. This saves them time and ensures that the claim filing process goes smoothly. It rarely takes over quarter of an hour to submit a claim. Also, you can telephone us, if you need any questions answering concerning your claim. Our Phoenix based windshield replacement specialists are ready and willing to help you. Don’t delay, begin your Phoenix auto glass repair insurance claim today.