Glas Tek Is A Preferred Geico Auto Glass Partner!

Sunday, December 3rd, 2017

Geico Auto Glass RepairIf you ever need to file a Geico Auto Glass claim, Glas Tek is the perfect company to work with. Glas Tek is one of Geico’s Preferred partners, meaning that the two companies have already agreed upon a contract pricing model, thus ensuring that the customer will have no out-of-pocket expenses to be concerned about. This partnership also means that Geico backs Glas Tek’s lifetime warranty, allowing you to feel confidence in the repair shop you selected.

Glas Tek knows that the Geico Windshield Replacement Claims process can be confusing, so they’ll also help you through every step in the process. Any questions you have will be answered before you call Geico, and a Glas Tek representative will be on the phone with you to ensure that Geico approves your claim as quickly as possible. Sample questions you may be asked include your basic contact information (phone number, email, etc.), the size of the damage to your windshield, and your vehicle’s model year. The phone call itself should not take longer than 15 minutes.

Geico also inspects windshield damage before approving any repair shop to fix it, a process that may delay your claim. Their inspectors are usually pretty fast though, and Glas Tek will make every effort to give you an appointment time at your earliest convenience once they have the go ahead.

Qualifying insurance claims also receive $50 in fast cash from Glas Tek at the time of service. This is free money in your pocket and one of the best reasons to choose Glas Tek for any Geico auto glass claim.

Arizona state regulations define auto glass damage as a “no fault” repair, meaning that your Geico insurance premiums will not rise when you file a claim. If your windshield has been damaged, call Glas Tek today to repair the damage correctly.

Geico And VIP Auto Glass Battle In Court

Friday, November 3rd, 2017

The company VIP Auto Glass filed a lawsuit against Geico General Insurance company. The lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court Middle District of Florida Tampa Division. The company sought class-action status for the suit. The claim, Geico was violating state law by paying Safelite Retail stores more for the same windshield and auto glass repairs carried out by stores not participating in Safelite’s Network.

Geico responded to the suit by filing motions for entry default judgement. Geico claims that VIP presented forged documents to the court. Geico also claimed that VIP Auto Glass falsified their testimony that was given under oath. They further claim that the statements made during pleadings and filings were also false.

The situation has gotten even more dire for VIP as their counsel withdrew in August. The judge, Mary s. Scriven, has allowed VIP three weeks, or 21 days, to secure new counsel. If they are not able to secure new counsel, a judgement against VIP will be filed.

When Geico filed motions for the entry of the default judgement, VIP had still failed to secure counsel. The attorneys for Geico argued they were entitled to the judgment solely based on the fraud committed upon the court by VIP. John Marino, Geico’s attorney, also believes that the company should receive restitution for the fees and costs incurred in the lawsuit. In attempts to reverse the damage done, VIP motioned for a dismissal without prejudice. This motion was denied in light of expenses already occurred by Geico in the case.

Geico Auto Glass Replacement & Repair Claims

Sunday, June 28th, 2015

Geico auto glass replacement Phoenix

Why yes, Glas Tek does accept Geico insurance for auto glass replacement and windshield repairs in Phoenix Arizona. In fact, Glas Tek is a preferred Geico auto glass replacement service provider and Geico insurance stands behind our nationwide lifetime warranty. Filing a Geico auto glass replacement insurance claim is fast and easy and will only take about 10 minutes of your time or you can just file a auto glass repair claim online today!


Geico Windshield Repair Claims

Geico windshield chiip repair

Geico will waive all comprehensive insurance deductibles for a windshield chip repair. Therefore, if you carry a $500 deductible on your policy and DO or DO NOT carry the Arizona glass waiver, Geico will still waive the deductible and cover the windshield repair fully. However, if your windshield cannot be repaired successfully you will be responsible for your deductible if you have one. No worries, your Geico insurance premium will not increase for filing a auto glass replacement or repair claim. Arizona law prohibits insurance companies from increasing insurance cost for no fault auto glass replacement or repair claims. Windshield chip repairs only take about 20 minutes and can be completed the same day in most cases. Windshield repairs also are more environmentally friendly and keep the original seal of your windshield intact.


Geico Auto Glass Replacement Claims

Geico auto glass replacement and repairs are fast and easy. In fact, you can start your Geico auto glass replacement claim online with Glas Tek. We will help file your Geico auto glass replacement claim from start to finish. We can answer all of your questions or concerns before the claim even gets started. Glas Tek wants to make sure that you are comfortable and confident when filing your Geico auto glass replacement claim. Geico will ask a series of questions to open your auto glass replacement or repair claim. The most important questions that you want to be aware of is your policy#, a specific date of loss (when did the damage happen?), and how large is the break on your windshield (Is the break larger than a dollar bill?). Visit our  Geico windshield replacement claims page for a full list of questions and answers.  It’s that EASY! Geico auto glass replacement claims take under 15 minutes and in most cases can be done on the same day.