Bizarre Road Mishap Causes Auto Glass Breakage

Strange things can happen on road when you least expect it. This is what a woman in Kerang found out when she herself was involved in bizarre circumstances. She was driving along the Kerang-Koondrook Road when a hard object suddenly slammed against her windshield. It was a stretch that allowed a speed limit of 100km per hour so the impact was pretty hard. The windshield broke to pieces hurting the driver in the process.

The freak accident is still a puzzle to everyone from the woman to the police officers who investigated the scene. The object that caused injuries turned out to be a farmer’s rake. There is no clear conclusion as to how it got on the road at that exact moment. Some theories suggest that it may have fallen off from another vehicle onto the windshield. Another theory says that the rake has been lying on the road when it was flicked up after the car passed by.

Pinpointing the exact cause of the accident would have made insurance claims easier to process. Fortunately, the broken auto glass only caused minor cuts. The 50-year old woman was able to leave the hospital right away after receiving medical treatment.

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