Arizona is not the only auto glass “deductible free” state

Arizona insurance windshield replacementBroken, chipped and cracked windshields are the bane of many motorists. If the windsheild, rear window, sunroof or side windows on your car is harmed by anything apart from a collision, you will probably pay for it with comprehensive insurance. The states mentioned below have insurance legislation that addresses auto glass repair or replacement:

In Arizona, you can buy a separate windshield waiver or endorsement, when you buy car insurance. This applies throughout the state, in areas such as Peoria, Avondale, Tempe, Scottsdale, Flagstaff, Chandler, Glendale, Gilbert, Surprise, Phoenix, Mesa and Tucson. Motorists who have such waivers or endorsements do not have to pay their full deductibles, when they get their windshield or auto glass part replaced.

Massachusetts is often referred to as a ‘deductible free’ state, however this is somewhat of a misconception. Whether you reside in New Bedford, Brockton or Cambridge, the decision you make when buying your car insurance will determine whether you receive a complimentary windshield replacement included in your policy. Massachusetts residents can buy comprehensive policies with complimentary windshield replacement and repair, or policies with $100 auto glass deductibles.

In Florida, insurance firms are legally required to waive deductibles on windshield replacement claims. However, they do not have to do this for other types of auto glass. Kentucky is another ‘deductible free’ state, as far as auto glass and windshield replacement goes.

Insurance firms in New York can provide policies with no deductibles for replacing auto glass. The same goes for South Carolina, which is known as another ‘deductible free’ state for claims relating to auto glass and windshield replacement. Whether you reside in Charleston, Columbia, Rock Hill, North Charleston, Summerville, Sumter or Greenville (or any other area of South Carolina), if you damage your windshield and have comprehensive car insurance, you are probably eligible for a complimentary windshield replacement.

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