Apple Car Windshield May Offer Heads Up Information

A vehicle windshield that operates somewhat like the technology used some aeroplane windshields which displays information in the driver’s line of sight right on the screen may be in the works from Apple if rumors about the new Apple Car are true.

According to communication sent out by the managing director of Global Equities Research, the self-driving Apple car reportedly under development will include the heads-up technology that will allow vehicle information to be displayed directly on the auto glass. This type of technology is considered safer because drivers don’t have to look down to view it, and could ostensibly lower insurance rates if it becomes a standard feature of new vehicles.
Driver gestures would reportedly control the screen, which could be as wide as 50 inches.

Speculation about the Apple self-driving car heightened recently after the Guardian newspaper in the United Kingdom obtained documents through a governmental freedom of information request that showed Apple has considered hiring a testing grounds developed solely for autonomous cars. In addition, media reports indicate the Apple has aggressively sought out and hired smart engineers from a variety of industries. Some tech industry watchers have called this move a deliberate red herring, saying that there is nothing inherently new in the technology Apple wants to offer.

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