Allstate Auto Glass Replacement in Phoenix Arizona

car insurance safetyAllstate Insurance makes it simple for policyholders to minimize downtown when filing an auto glass claim. Accidents or vandalism can happen at any time and when you have a broken side window, sunroof, rear window or windshield you need help right away, so you can get back on the road as soon as possible.

Around the Clock Allstate Glass Claim Express

Allstate’s Glass Claim Express allows you to file a glass only claim any time of the day or night by calling 1-800-626-4257 or filling out an online claim form with any electronic device. You choose the repair shop of your choice from their extensive network and a helpful customer service representative will provide assistance by contacting the shop and scheduling service to repair or replace your vehicle’s glass. Glas Tek is an Allstate approved auto glass replacement and repair facility and offers a lifetime warranty that is backed by Allstate. Give Glas Tek a call at 602-334-1964 and they will help you file the claim, schedule your mobile appointment, and answer any questions that you might have.

Allstate Auto Glass Repair or Replace?

A vehicle glass technician can assist you in determining if the shop should repair or replace the glass. This is especially important if the broken glass is your windshield. Replacement will require the repair shop to break the original factory seal, which can cause it to leak in the future. If you can cover the crack or chip with an ordinary dollar bill, repair may be the better option. In just 30 minutes, a trained technician can repair your windshield, leaving only a small visible mark that will fade with time. Allstate waives your deductible when you choose repair over replacement.

Quality Repair or Replacement Guaranteed

Glass Claim Express consists of an extensive network of more than 16,000 participants nationwide. Many service providers provide mobile service for convenient repair or replacement at home or work. Professional trained technicians will restore your vehicle’s glass without any disruption to your regular schedule. Allstate guarantees the work of every service provider in the program giving you the peace of mind you expect and deserve when you get back on the road.

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