21st Century Auto Glass Replacement

Twenty First Century windshield replacement claimsIf your windshield sustains damage and requires 21st Century Windshield Replacement, Glas Tek is the only company you need to call. They are a Preferred auto glass repair shop, meaning that 21st Century will authorize the work without charging you anything out of pocket.

Glas Tek will also guide you through the claims filing process, preparing you for the questions 21st Century will ask. A lot of it is basic contact information such as full name, email, and policy number, but you will also be asked about the nature of the damage your windshield sustained and what type of vehicle you drive. Previous repair work on your auto glass can also impact any job, so it is best to have it handy if it’s applicable to your vehicle.

A Glas Tek representative will help you with every step of the process, even staying on the phone for the duration of your phone call. This ensures that you provide the necessary information accurately to get your car worked on as quickly as possible.

Glas Tek makes the actual work as convenient as possible for you as well. They will come to your home or workplace to perform the needed repairs at no additional charge, allowing you to live your life as if your auto glass was never damaged.

Best of all, Glas Tek offers a $50 cash credit at the time of service for any claim approved by 21st Century! You can apply this money toward your deductible or pocket it for future use–it’s completely up to you!

Arizona state law prevents insurance companies from increasing your premium due to a claim, so your 21st Century Auto Glass claim will not have a negative impact on your insurance bill. Contact Glas Tek today to have the work done by a 21st Century Preferred Partner and pocket $50 cash.

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